Are We Friends Or Are We More?.....(One Direction Group Story)

This is by LizzieStyles (Friend Her She's Awesome!! She's one of my Quibblo besties, you will not regret friending her!) And me:))

Chapter 3


Bootcamp went by quickly, super quick. The judges were ready to pick the people for the judges house and we were all very anxious. They decided to go with the teen first, which was my section.

"Okay, so the first person going through is...,"Demi started to say, and the thought pass my head, only six of us willl pass. Then the names were spoken.

1. Carrie Blue
2. Sarah Johnson
3. Eddie Stamp
4. Derrick Stoner
5. Mona Soto
6. Robert Troy

My heart sunk when I didn't hear my name, I tried not to cry but the tears were already in my eyes.

"Um..I'm sorry, but that's it,"said Simon.

The people left on stage left crying, going backsatge and grabbing their suitcases. I can't believe this is over! I seriously thought I was going to get further, but no. I guess, I'm not good enough.

We waited until they finished with the rest of the catagories, more people came out crying , and more dreams were broken.

The catagories were done, I was about to call my brother to come for me when a lady from the crew started to get our attention.

"Okay, if I call your name please report to the stage, the judges would like to have a word with you.....Jamie Scott, Paige Simmons, Alexander Luck, Skylar Blue....."

When I heard my name my head shot up, she continue with a few more names and told us to follow her. I looked around as we followed her, everybody eyes full of wonder.

"Hello everybody,"spoke Simon as soon as we were on stage, he back a few weak heys,"Now let me try something....Alexander stand next to Mike and Jessie, Sky stand next to Paige, and the rest of you get together."

We did as we were told, I looked at Paige. We talked once before when we bumped into each to her on the hotel.

"Wha do we have here Simon?"asked Demi with a tricky smile, already knowing what was going on.

"We have three groups who are invited to the judges house as they are,"he spoke with a smirk. His word stayed on the air for a little while before everybody on stage got it. Screams of joy errupted through the stage, as I hugged Paige happily and she hugged me back.

"I was wondering when they were going to get it,"I heard Simon say making me laugh.

"We're in, we're in,"said Paige to me.

"Yes, and we're going to win this,"I told her with a smile. This could be the start of a beautiful and great group!

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