Hater Exposure

Give this a good, long read. Come on, please.

Chapter 1

Unfair Treatment

Listen. There are people here on Quibblo that do indeed leave nasty comments or hate messages on profiles, quizzes or stories. I've seen some of these people in action, trust me when I say this: They are hurtful, offensive, relentless and will stop at nothing to provoke a reaction. I could go on for days, but that brings me off topic.

For all their unjust actions, does that really give you a right to expose the offender to the eyes of all members of the public? No. All you're doin' is makin' the situation worse. You draw attention to both yourself and the person you're exposin'. That person could turn on ya and you'd face a whole new problem.

If your little campaign against'em actually works, they're in for it. Congratulations. I will put it bluntly: You're just as bad as they are. Creatin' an angry mob won't solve problems, just packs in more heat. You're givin' another person, yes PERSON, a hard time. We're all human bein's with emotion, right? Sure, they may give other people somethin' to worry 'bout, but you gave'em an even bigger, more active and direct threat.

Instead of that, how 'bout resolvin' everythin' quickly and quietly? Report'em, their comments, all traces of unacceptable behaviour. That sorts'em out just fine. They give you or your family and friends death threats or somethin' of the type? Get law enforcement involved. You shouldn't ever be directly abused like that.

Until the problem is handled, don't respond to anybody who behaves in such a manner. They do it because they probably wish to poke fun and invoke a response. If you do provide them with an aggressive response, then you're only helpin' fulfill their goal.

But... you have to think. Could there be two sides of the coin? Is there a legitimate reason why a person could be acting so mean? Perhaps they've suffered as a victim of cyber bullyin' themselves. Maybe somethin's happened that they need to do somethin' to vent out all their stress and anger. But you might not know that. As bad as they could be, they're still people, just like you and me. Emotions, ability to reason... everythin'. And you could be makin' stuff worse for both you and them.

The reason I put this out there is 'cos there are people who undoubtedly want to mistreat others for their own amusement, the victim fights back and the whole thing goes out of control, flame wars, cyber bullyin', both sides are deemed guilty. Also, I've got some friends here who I know have suffered before, both to minor and major extents.

If you're still readin', I appreciate your time. I apologise if I've wasted it, this is not my intent. I also apologise to anybody who feels offended from this message. I understand if you have had a friend who has been the target of this kind of attack, but please understand that fighting back in the former kind of manner is not the right way to handle the situation. I'd also appreciate if you could get others, get your friends to read this. 'Cos I won't be 'round to solve all the world's problems. I ain't special. I'm just a normal everyday person. Like you, the reader.

Stay safe and stay happy. - AJ


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