(Cyber)Bullying and the importance of giving life the finger. Blog post #3

Chapter 1

[This is not a chapter title]

If you will all kindly lend me your ears for a few moments I would like to talk about something that is becoming stupidly common on this site. Bullying. Or to be more specific, cyberbullying. I've addressed this in part in previous blogs but I felt it needed reiterating.

Guys, I am going to impart to you an ideology that I believe very strongly in. You do not, ever, have to sit around and put up with sh** you don't want to. When life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade. You say to life: "I don't want your damn lemons". Then you throw the lemons at life and go buy a buy a fruit that doesn't make your mouth feel damn weird. When life deals you an unfair hand, you don't set there and try to make the most of it, while every one else sits around and sips expensive scotch. You tell life you've had enough of playing cards with it, flip the table over, and go and get some of that scotch for yourself (or whatever drink you like, who am I to judge?)

The point I'm trying to make here, in an admittedly roundabout way, it's that when you're in a situation that isn't to your liking you shouldn't sit around and cry about it, you should actively try to change it. Think the guy or girl you like will never like you back? Have a go anyway. You never know. And if things don't go to plan then at least you gave it a damn good shot. If you think you're no good at anything then learn something new. If you throw enough hours of repetition at something you can get pretty good at anything. You should aim to be the person you want to be.

And that brings me to cyberbullying. Literally the most pathetic kind of bullying. You absolutely do not have to put up with crap from pathetic individuals. If someone is giving you trouble on the internet it is not up to you to remove yourself from the equation. You should never have to give in to them. Do not delete your account. Do not leave. Don't make frigging lemonade. Get rid of them instead. Delete, block, or even report them straight to the site's administrators themselves. Do whatever you have to do to remove them from the situation.

And a quick word on insults and self esteem. You should never, ever, ever measure your own self worth against someone else, or their expectations of you. No one knows you better than you and you should only compare yourself to who you were, and who you want to be. Not what someone else wants you to be.

Guys and girls, I hope my words have made even a slight difference to your lives and I'm also sorry my last few blog posts have been kind of downers. I'm working on some more upbeat and funny ones so stay tuned. It's a late "happy new year" and a goodbye from me for now. See you all soon.


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