Poems By Me

Here's a collection of poems by me.
I hope you like them. Enjoy! :)
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P.S. My inspirations in the field of poetry are William Wordsworth, John Keats, Percy Byshee Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and a few more. :)

Chapter 3

Paradise and Earth (Category: Creation)

A place where angels are believed to live
No hatred but only love to each other they give,
With peace and happiness in the air
O! Ruler of Paradise so just and fair.

Another place called Earth exists
Everyday here, a new disaster hits,
Painful cries and mourns can be sensed
Seeing one's loved one, who in blood, is totally drenched.

Who made the Paradise a place worth living in?
Who made the Earth a place worth considering a sin?
These questions unanswered are waiting to be answered
Who knows, maybe the answers will leave us startled?

This is an injustice done by anonymous
They made the Paradise unimaginably glorious,
They made the Earth a place bulging with cruelty
The people living here will suffer for eternity.

Instead of envying the wonderful Paradise
Make Earth's happiness touch the skies,
Then, the Paradise won't seem so beautiful
And why would it? When the Earth itself would be so wonderful.

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