Poems By Me

Here's a collection of poems by me.
I hope you like them. Enjoy! :)
Please rate and comment! :]

P.S. My inspirations in the field of poetry are William Wordsworth, John Keats, Percy Byshee Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and a few more. :)

Chapter 2

Spring (Genre: Nature) - Children's Poems

When the trees are full of blossoms,
That's when my happiness is found
The birds start tweeting in delight,
To my joy, which nothing can bound.

From the grasses and meadows,
The flowers have their heads rear out
O! What pleasant sight that seems to be!
And there's a plant with a small new sprout.

The crystal clear pond likes to glisten,
From sunlight fresh and warm
What's the strange humming song I hear?
O! See, the bees sing in a swarm.

I like to watch the butterflies play,
In each beautiful morn of spring
This season really has something special,
That's why it is called the King.

I wish the season lasted forever,
But I have to abide by the rule of earth
However, I'd stay strong and bold,
'Till the spring again comes and gives me a new birth.

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