Poems By Me

Here's a collection of poems by me.
I hope you like them. Enjoy! :)
Please rate and comment! :]

P.S. My inspirations in the field of poetry are William Wordsworth, John Keats, Percy Byshee Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and a few more. :)

Chapter 1

Never Hide Your Pain (Genre: Comedy)

Why are you so disgraced
While looking at me?
We've met after ages,
Be happy, why can't you be?

Don't hide it from me
O! Please tell me what's the matter,
I'll help you with my best
Your silence is making my soul shatter.

Oh! Now I know the problem
I can feel your pain,
You kept me bound from this
My try went all in vain.

So, why did you keep me puzzled?
Why didn't you tell me before?
That your little finger was caught,
Between the hinges of my door.

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