The Next Generation (Hogwarts Group Story)

Years after the war of Voldemort, Hogwarts is back in business and a whole bunch of new students are excitedly making their way to school.
For Corey Bailey and his new friends, they are about to start their 7-year journey.

What adventures will they share?

Who will start dating who?

Boy-girl relationships will begin, stronger bonds of friendship will be formed and new trials await...

Chapter 1


Name: Corey Bailey
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, gentle, studious
Family: Mom and dad and two older sisters, now in seventh year
Love Interest: No one

Name: Dalilah Weasley
Personality: Funny, humerous, prankster, exactly like Fred and George when they were at Hogwarts
Family: Dad (George Weasley), Mum (Angelina Johnson), a little brother not in school yet
Love Interest: Single.

Name: Francis Kennedy
Personality: Easily frightened, high-strung, loyal, very friendly, nice
Family: Mother and Father
Love interest: Wants to stay single

Name: Richmond Bronko.
Personality: Always making jokes, funny, nice, doesn't always really pay attention to school, and LOVES talking.
Love Interest: Amanda Gross
Family: No dad (The mother's name is Nanda), a younger sister, Niola (She'll be in Hogwarts in three years) and an older sister also by the name of Amanda (She's in her 4th year).

Name: Amanda Gross
Personality: Shy, smart, nice, honest
Family: Mom and Dad, little sister, Angeline and older brother (Who is in the 3rd year) Alex and Owl, Mimi
Love Interest: Richmond Bronko

Name: Kairie Lestrange (called 'Kai' for short)
Personality: Kai is quite curious at all sorts of things to do with magic, as she grew up with an adopted father. Her own parents are dead, quite dead, and had been since she had just turned four. She is very bubbly and easily excited with just about anything to involve a word used only by wizards, and at arriving at Hogwarts takes a while for her to calm her ecstatic spirit.
Family: Mother- Bellatrix Lestrange. Father-Unknown
Love Interest: None

Name: Chessa McGonagall (Minerva McGonagall's great-niece)
Personality: Hates violence, kind of shy, very loyal
Family: Comes from a big family - Mother, Father, twin older sisters in 4th year, older brother in 6th, twin brother, younger sister.
Love Interest: Oliver Woods' son.

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