Hetalia Cardverse! Role Play sign ups!!

Hetalia Cardverse! Role Play sign ups!!


Chapter 1

Info and Sign ups~!

Hello everyone~!

I am a big fan of the Hetalia!Cadverse fandom believe it or not and I was just looking at some pictures and such and then I came up with the idea of starting a RP chat~!

Not sure which site I'll do it on yet BUT, before I even think of that, I need to ask you all for some help.

I need some assistance.

To be able to do this, I need you guys to RP as some characters~

Before I show you the characters I'll tell you a little about the Cardverse and some little additional things you need to know. Please please please read this information if you wish to participate in this Roleplay!!!

Basic map of the Cardverse (Yes i did this on the spot): http://www.quibblo.com/user/Missanime101/photoalbum/2114042?page=1&per_page=9

What the characters look like: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/32000000/Rainbow-Cardverse-hetalia-32055560-2195-652.jpg

Cardverse is an idea Himaruya came up with where each character has a role/position based off a deck of cards. He has created designs for each character as shown in the picture above, however the 2PTalia bit was a little thing that I saw on someone's blog that said that should be included.

The Cardverse is made up of 4 kingdoms. The Kingdom of Hearts (Red), Spades (Blue), Clubs (Green) and Diamonds (Orange). All of them have their own colour. Each kingdom has a King, Queen and Jack. These three are the most important people in the kingdom. They keep order with the civilians within the kingdom and discuss political affairs regarding other kingdoms.

The Jokers are considered outcasts, and are a disgrace to the world. They are a rotten breed of people, and if a member of the family was a joker, most of the time the family would kick them out or disown them forever. No joker belongs to a certain kingdom. They are free to go wherever they please, but are not always welcome. The basic appearance of a Joker is dark clothing, devil ears and a devil tail. So far there are only 2 Jokers alive. If a joker dies, the next born child is then passed the 'curse' of being a joker. Jokers have a special ability. They can run/move faster than the average human. If any human were to encounter a Joker, they are advised to avoid them or run away, however it is not compulsory to. If a guard or knight sees one, they must drive them away, and if needed to they may kill them.

The Aces, are the uttmost important people. They consist of four important people. These four people created the world of Cardverse and each created a Kingdom. They each represent the kingdom they created. The Aces do not live amongst the civilians nor do they live in the castles with the King, Queen and Jack. They live on the mountain in the center of the land called Mt.Centrum. They hardly ever get involved in political affairs or anything trivial, unless it's utterly serious.

The 2PTalia Kingdoms are the 'colourless' kingdoms. They are split into two kingdoms. The Black Kingdom and the White Kingdom. They are not involved trivially or politically with the 'coloured' kingdoms. They however despite having more than one region of land, are less powerful than the coloured kingdoms. They are not on good terms with any kingdom, be it coloured or not. They do things there way and are a lot crueler than the coloured kingdoms. They tend to not get inolved in wars, but if they were in one, they would gladly participate. Basically the black and white kingdom are based off a chess game and mainly argue between eachother rather than the coloured kingdoms. They don't start wars, but they do argue a lot.

A/N: Believe it or not, I just made most of that info up on the spot XD WELL DONE ME~ I AM AN EXCELLENT WORLD CREATOR~

OKAY. Now for the fun part~

The following list are the characters that are available. Once you have selected a character I will make sure to say that your character is taken. You may have a maximum of 2 character to RP as (I may change this rule after time passes. It will depend on the number of people applying for a spot).


Kingdom of Hearts (Red)
-King: Germany (Taken by: Eve)
-Queen: Japan (Taken by: AliceKnight17)
-Jack: Italy (Taken by: Russian_Angel)

Kingdom of Spades (Blue)
-King: America (Taken by: Hetalia_Belarus)
-Queen: England (Available)
-Jack: China (Available)

Kingdom of Clubs (Green)
-King: Russia (Available)
-Queen: Hungary (Taken by me :3)
-Jack: Austria (Available)

Kingdom of Diamonds (Orange)
-King: France (Taken by me :3 HAHAHAHA IM SO EVIL)
-Queen: Liechtenstein (Available)
-Jack: Switzerland (available)

Jokers (These guys are not very welcome, but idgaf irl jokers have awesome appearances ;3)
-Prussia (Taken by: junebug333)
-Sealand (Taken by: Fiona13)

Aces (One of them has to be moi obviously =w=. You must have a lot of trust by me if you want one of these spots~ ((not really im just scaring you guyz XD))
-Ace of Hearts: Grandpa Rome (Taken by: Hetalia_Australia)
-Ace of Spades: Ancient Greece (Taken by moi just because I'm greek =n= deal with it)
-Ace of Diamonds: Ancient Egypt (Available)
-Ace of Clubs: Germania (Available)

2PTalia (You may choose any 2p! character for these spots.).

White King: (Available)
White Queen: (Available)
White Knight: (Available)

Black King: (Available)
Black Queen: (Available)
Black Knight: 2p!South Korea (Taken by: Ikblack3)

White Bishop: (Available)
Black Bishop: 2p!Australia (Taken by: Hetalia Australia)

White Pawn: (Available)
Black Pawn: (Available)

White Rook: (Available)
Black Rook: 2p!England (Taken by: SugarKart)

(P.S...i have no idea how to play chess DX)


-They do not have to be the characters you RP as on here!!

-Unfortunately I will not be accepting OC's. Please only use the characters that are on the list. see the 2p rule for a little side note regarding the 2p characters

- If you are choosing 2 characters, you cannot have 2 kings.

-The 2p! Characters have to be a 2p! version of the characters in the coloured kingdom. Some characters you can request such as a 2p!canada or 2p!spain, but I will have to decide whether or not you can use those ones.

-If two people want to be the same character, I will give the role to the person who commented first.

-Do not question me on having 3 characters =n= i couldn't choose and there is still plenty of other characters to choose from~ If you have a problem go see my papa (DAS KIRA)

-Once I do start this RP, Make sure to have lots of fun~ :3

Those are my rules...Ahhhh~ I hate rules =n= But that's just to keep this simple and enjoyable~! :D

Please comment and I hope to have you guys join~!


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