I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know...More Than Food (A Niall Horan Love Story)



ROSE: 17
ZOEY: 18
ZAYN: 19
LIAM: 19

(NOTE: all characters are not listed. New characters will appear throughout the story. Above are planned characters)

Chapter 1

The Sleepover

"Oh my gosh, Alexa got One Direction tickets. She's going on Nov. 7. Ugh i hate her so much right now." My best friend, Isabella said.
"Really? She never even told me..." I said
"She didn't tell me either, there was a rumor going around and i eventually found out." Isabella continued.
"Weird. She told me." Zoey said. She was another good friend of ours.
Isabella and I turned to Zoey. "She ''did''?" we both said in unison
Zoey nodded. "She told me last week. I'm surprised she didn't tell you guys."
"Wow." I said. "Bitch" i mumbled.
"Got that right." Isabella mumbled too.
I looked up at her. She stared back. Suddenly we broke into giggles.
"Uh, am I missing something?" Zoey asked up, her eyebrows raised.
"No, no." I said. Once Zoey turned back around, I broke into a smile. I tried my hardest not to laugh, and I was successful.
We finally reached my car. We just got our girl's night out, and bought a whole bunch of stuff from the mall.
"We are gonna look so sexy tomorrow at Victoria's party." Isabella laughed.
"Totally!" Zoey laughed. I laughed too.
"Except for me." I mumbled. I unlocked the doors and got inside and started my car. Zoey sat in the passenger seat while Isabella sat in the back.
"Wait, so why didn't Alexa tell people? Isn't it a good thing she's going to a One Direction concert?" i asked.
"Yeah, but she told me she didn't want to make a big deal about it, so she only told her close friends." Zoey said.
"Oh, I see how it is." I said.
"You guys barely talk." Zoey reminded me.
"Right." I said.
"Yeah, but I know her super close friends. They wouldn't tell anyone. So why does the whole school know now?" Isabella asked.
"Apparently, some guy near by over-heard her conversation and ended up spilling." Zoey answered.
"Why would a guy care?" I thought aloud.
"Dunno." Zoey shrugged.
We continued talking about Alexa and her tickets to see One Direction.
I'll admit, I was extremely jealous, but I didn't let it show. I could tell my friends can't tell.

Finally we were at Zoey's house. I parked in her driveway.
"Bye Rose! Bye Isabella!" She said as she slammed the door shut and ran into her house with all her bags.
Her mom opened the door and waved to us. I waved back.
Before i could pull out of the driveway, Isabella opened her car door and sat in the passenger seat next to me.
"Hey." She said smiling.
I laughed. "You couldn't resist, could you?" i said
"Nope" she laughed.
We drove to my house. Isabella was sleeping over at my house. Unfortunately Zoey could not, because she had a horse back riding class early in the morning.
we unpacked our car, and i helped Isabella get her things in my house.
"Hey girls, If you're gonna go anywhere again, make sure to be here by dinner time." my mom said.
"Kay mom!" i said. Isabella and I ran up the stairs and into my room.
"Ugh, i love your room. Its so pretty." Isabella said.
I laughed. "Thanks."
we dropped our things. I jumped on my bed. Isabella joined me. We talked a whole bunch, having two much fun, and did whatever we wanted basically.
"Its only 4 pm, we should go to the pool!" i said, clapping my hands together.
"Omg! Good idea! But...i don't have a swim suit." Isabella said, sudden disapointment washing over her face.
"Um..I have an extra bikini you can wear. I've never worn it before so you wont have to worry about wearing an underwear underneath."
"Great! Thanks."
"No prob" I said. i got up from my bed and went looking through my drawers to see where i put it.
"Hmm..." i said as i shoved clothes around the drawer. I slammed it shut and opened another. "Dammit. Can't find it. One sec." i said, annoyed.
I went over to my closet and shoved the doors open. "Aha! i knew you were hiding somewhere!" i said as I picked up the two pieces.
i gave it to isabella.
"Ooh! Cute!" she exclaimed. it was a strapless black bikini with big white dots on them, and a silver ring that was holding it together
"Right?!" i said.
we changed into our bikinis and then put some shorts and a tank top on top to cover it when we walked there.
we ran downstairs with our pool stuff.
"Hey mom, we're just going out to the pool. We'll be back in 3 hours." i called after her.
"Okay! have fun. Love you" she called after me.
"Love you too!" i said and shut the door.
There was a community pool super close to my house. we walked in our flip flops, enjoying the hot sun shining on our skin. i absolutely loved the summer. Summer break is the best!
we got to the pool gates. I opened the gate and stepped aside. "Ladies first." i grinned as i let her go first.
she grinned back. "Why thank you, ma'm." she said as she got in.
we both cracked up laughing as we got to the pool benches and foldable chairs.
we set our things and took the clothes that were covering our bikini's off.
Isabella jumped into the pool, while i slowly got in; the water was cold and it always took me a while to get used to.
Isabella cupped her hands underneath the surfaces of the water as if she was just about to splash me.
"Don't. You. Dare." i warned her.
She laughed. "Next time. you'll be least expecting it." she said.
About 10 Minutes later, i finally got used to the pool water. we swam around the pool a lot, and had a great time there.

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