The end of something great, The start of something better (2012-2013 Trip Memories)

I'll be home on the 11th of Jan. I might not be able to get back on till then. I know how a lot of hate when people make stories about their lives, like a lot, so if you're one of those people, I'm sorry, just delete this okay? I'm making this cause one of my friends asked me what the highlights have been, and I spent ages telling her, than someone else asked, and I just decided to make this story for you guys to read if you're curious.
Jade ♥

Chapter 1

There'll be chocolate ;)

by: Creatures
So you guys, please read the introduction. I've noticed how a lot of drama has unfolded, so please don't get mad at me. Also, if anyone here is acting a little weird or crazy, it's just our natural way of joking around. Don't think we're strange. ;)

New Years Eve Dinner -
Sebastian (my brother) is in this massive fight with my parents over something ridiculous. it's killing me to be in the middle of it, and we're about to go out for dinner with the rest of the group.
"Come on kids, let's go." my dad.
"I'm not moving an inch until you guys can prove to me you won't be like this all night and I'll actually enjoy it." I explain.
"um.. Sebastian? Do you have anything to say?" Yeah, my mum is pushy, she likes to get things done xP
"there'll be chocolate, Jade." my dad.
"Wait up. I'm coming."

ahaha, I'm bribed too easily >:\

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