Who Me?

Chapter 1

Read On to See What I Mean

Do you see that girl siting towards the front and leaning towards the board,
You make fun of her for squinting.
She's having trouble seeing the board!
Do you see her bright red frizzy hair,
You make fun of it.
She was born with that color and spends hours trying to straighten it, but it frizzes as soon as she walks out the front door.
Do you see that's she's 'pudgy',
You make fun of her and call her 'fat'
Her mother actually feeds her a good hearty meal.
Do you see her reading that book,
You call her a nerd.
She wants to be an author!
Do you see her practicing her flute,
You call her a geek.
She likes playing music.
Do you see her blue eyes,
You call them ugly.
She got them from her grandmother.
Do you see her freckles,
You make fun of them.
She's had them since birth.
Do you see her acne,
You nicknamed her 'Pimple Magnet'
She's going through puberty.
Do you see her baggy clothes that make her look bigger,
You beg her not to sit on you and burst out laughing.
She insecure enough as it is!
Do you see her staring off into space,
You call her retarded.
She was daydreaming about her prince that would never come.
Do you hear her talking to you,
You did say you were her friend.
She's happy you were being nice.
Do you remember that the next day you called her an ugly tramp,
You hurt her feelings.
She cried for hours with her head in her mothers lap.

Fast Forward to the Seventh Grade
Do you see her wearing that cute top that hugs her body,
You thought she looked pretty.
She had a grin on for the whole day.
Do you see her hair pulled back in a ponytail,
You wished you had hair like hers.
She wished it would lay flat.
Do you remember her sitting next to you last period and smiling,
You started the conversation with her.
She was pretty interesting.
Do you remember that guy that called her ugly the next day,
You told him off.

Do you see how you became her bestfriend?
Do you see how funny and nice she can be?
Do you regret bullying her?
Do you know she forgave you as soon as she saw you again?
Do you regret being her friend?

Well it took you long enough to look at me as me, instead of something to throw insults at. This is me, I have untamable red hair that is often in a ponytail, I have big blue eyes, I'm pudgy, I love to read, I have freckles, and most of my old bullies are my friends now. I wish that I could've cut out the middle man, and gone straight to the friendships.
If you agree with my message, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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