My Little Friend in the Cave

This is a story about when I was 7 years old.

Chapter 1

My Little friend in the Cave Part 1

One day I was outside and I found a ladybug. I made friends with this little ladybug. She liked me and I liked her. So I wanted to know what would happen if I put her in my belly button. So I did. She liked it in there at first. But then she got concerned that she couldn't come out. I played with her a bit. Then she started crawling around in my belly bunnot like in circles. I coundn't get her out with my fingers. So I went inside trying not to drop her and got a pen and scooped her out. I then put her back in the grass where I found her. She seemed lost but then she knew where she was going. So goodbye my friend. I will always miss the way you tickled me when you walked about in my belly button.

I did this when I was 7.


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