Hello, Beautiful!

Created by LessCrim.

Chapter 1

Read on.

by: Sycamore
There's something I need you to do. Stop what you're doing. Pause your music. Mute the television. Set down your cellphone. Move your laptop aside. Walk out of the room your little brother and sister are screaming in. Sit on the floor and look up at the sky. here's what you have to do:


Have you ever noticed how wonderfully our bodies have been created? We start out as a microscopic speck and eventually grow into beautiful, tall, individual people. I'm not like you; nobody is. You have your own faults, your own pains, and your own heartache. You have your own sense of humour, your own happiness, and your own beauty.

Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Don't let anyone tell you you're perfect just the way you are, either. Let's face it; neither of us is perfect, and neither of us will be the same person ten years from now. As humans, we're made to adapt. We have the ability to grow as individual people through our experiences and our hardships. Even our tastebuds are constantly changing.

When people tell you that you are perfect the way you are, and then some people come to dislike you, you end up confused and it shows when you dislike yourself. Why confuse yourself?

Don't be afraid to be you; you're pretty darn amazing. You are funny, adorable, kind and caring. Some people won't think so, but who cares about those people? You've got your friends and you've got me, and we will pretty much love you until you can't bear it any longer. We don't ignore your faults; we know your faults but we don't mind them; they may get to us sometimes, but that's why you're funny and adorable and such.

When you feel blue [or purple or lavender which is a shade of purple but that's aside from the point], tell me; I want to help you. When you're upset with me for something, don't hold it inside and mess up your bowels; yell at me so I know that you are upset. You don't deserve to be hurt and sad. Nobody deserves to, but I'm not talking to nobody; I'm talking to you.

You're sitting at your keyboard thinking I'm completely crazy. Don't deny it; I have ESPN [lame Mean Girls reference]. But when you feel really lousy, you'll read this. When you are down on yourself, somehow you'll see this title and read this. And I want you to. I want you to know that there's someone out there who is willing to listen to you vent and cry. Even though you don't feel so close to me right now, I'll still be here to listen. I've been there; I've felt alone and I've felt hated. I've felt powerless and I've felt nonexistent in a crowd full of people. I've cried myself to sleep and I've sobbed with the radio turned up really high. I know what it's like, and I want to offer you a shoulder and a place of refuge.

I can't solve your problems; only you can do that. Still, I want to be there if you need me or if you need someone. I won't tell you my opinion if you don't want it. I won't judge you if you can't take it.

I just want you to feel beautiful again.

You deserve it. You need it. Some guy may break your heart and some girl may call you fat. Even if you aren't the skinniest miss in the world, who cares? Beauty isn't superficial; true beauty is a glow you wear when you know who you are and when you like yourself even though there are some things that need fixing. You're going to change, but the person you are now will still be in there somewhere ten years from now.

I will love you. Your friends will love you. Will you love you?

So, leave everything alone for a minute. No laptop, no computer, no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no sound. Come on, you know what to do.

Just breathe.

I had to repost it. I think everyone should read this and accept it, because (I don't care how cliche this sounds) it is the truth. I didn't create this, but it perfectly reflects my very own thoughts.

Thanks, Tegan, for writing this!


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