Help On How To Fall Asleep? I'm REALLY desperate here!!!

Pleaseeee helppp meeeee... falls into eternal pit of despair

Chapter 1

Damn chapter titles..

Okay so I've always had sleep problems, always. It's always taken my longer than most people to fall asleep, about an hour, though my mom says it should take about 10 minutes..

Lately, (past month or so) it's been taking me over two hours to fall asleep, and it's horrid. I end up falling asleep at around 2 am, and now I have circles under my eyes and they actually are literally SORE, my eyes. They start to close at random times, and I just can't do this anymore. I can't wait to see what happens when school goes back in.. --

And so if ANYONE has ANY idea on what to do, I'd be so happy if you would suggest it. I'll try just about anything.. thank you ^


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