Guilty broken hearts,bloody truths

This is my first story, if you are not into romance, mystery,drama and should turn back now....
Welcome to Strowville, population 1,000. A girl (which is you)Lydia decided to move to strowville because you thought it would be a good way to study and get your fathers death off your mind....your at your friends house (Amber Tamerson)But, what you don't know things are about to get worst than you could ever imagine.....
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Chapter 1

Waking up groggy....

by: aliviyah
Its only 4 am,
you wake up in the cold morning,shivering, looking around, then you take steps into the hall of your friends' house, and sit on your favourite 'one person couch' and turn on the TV. You take the remote and turn it vigorously while sobbing. You come to a stop on the TV show called "Best dads alive" Then you begin to break down. While crying loudly, your friend amber comes rushing quickly from her room located only a few steps away from the hall. She brings up your face and says "Its about him again..isn't it..." then she hugs you, you shake, quiver and yell while in her hands. Then after a while you just fade into another sleep. Amber turned off the TV, and puts you back in your room. She drags you by your feet, and lifts you up by your hands and place you down almost gently.
You wake up again at 7:05, as usual on the dot. Amber comes in "Lydia, get ready..we gotta go to our college classes today, its Wednesday!!!" You look at her and try to get another one of your bold gestures,and sly comments in..."It more looks like a Sunday, nap time!!" You pull back the covers over your head and fix the sock that was hanging off your left foot. Amber then comes and says "You won't seem HIM" You wake off the bed as if a knife had touched your back, you jump into the bather room,and take a good 10 minute shower, then you fix your hair, get dressed, brush your teeth and grab your lip gloss an shoes. Amber then says "I don't know HOW you do it....but were never late". Then you watch her smile and say "Once its for HIM its power-up time". Then you get in the driver side and look at amber...Then you pout and say " Can I- " then she says "DON'T even finish that sentence....This is my mom's car, I can't let you total it in just 7 seconds" Then you smile and say "I am so gonna crash it in less than that" then she looks to you and says "Your to slick...".Then you two begin to laugh... you get in the passenger side and say "Lets go AMBER-Licous " Then Amber replies in a rich accent "Why of course darling". It took 14 minutes to get to your school in strowvilles, but it was strow academy college, so you didn't mind. Your Wednesday classes was usually at 8:50 to 11:25. After that it was a free-day from there on for you.Until Amber finished up 3 minutes after you, you usually waited near the out side of the schools dark crimson painted chipping walls. The smell of 'hard work' and 'regret' was all that came to your mind. But not until you save HIM, your crush....Aaron Millez. He was not a jock, he was not a nerd, he was not a serious guy, not a joker,and definitely not someone who knew you. Every time you switch classes in college, you see him talking to his friends, his lovely black hair, with small bits of blonde highlights, those lovely lips, his beautiful blue-green eyes, his height, his voice and there was something mysterious about his whole character. He seemed like he cared only about a certain set of people. Amber and I tried to get his attention so many times, from me acting like she was a thief, all he did was throw her in a bush, threw my bag on the road side and walked away. Even that time I tried to roller skate and fakely broke my leg...All that happened was a really ugly guy named Brice Joderton I disliked since my semester year of strow academy college, came rushing to me, feel on me and did this really ridiculous laugh, it sounded like goofy coughing up a hair ball while choking a man on a toilet. It was horrid. I felt like after that I wanted to invest in hoodies, or move back to my old misery. We also tried the 'stay in the boys bath room' trick. But, it didn't work out, a teacher caught us and we got a weeks worth of strow-punishments, AKA, grade papers, mop, sweep, and be humiliated..... After all of that Aaron had never saw me, not even once...I wish I had a penny for every time Amber and I went on a misadventure and failed. I wood be "The million-ere who came up from pennies" What a drag. But today was that one day I was so ready to just PUSH him on a chair and get to know him, but not scare him away by being to talkative. I looked around for Amber when the second classes were about to take place....From a horrible Psychobiology class which just hammered me down,BUT I got a test score of 80%, I was rejoicing. I had NEVER gotten over a 73% in Mrs. Gold-bloods class. I was reaching down to put it in my bag, I bumped into someone, she looked at me, and said "bych what's your deal, are you blind???!!!" She was Mariebella Snizer the most popular girl in S.A.C (Strow academy college). She looked at me and began talking in some Russian, Italian, French, MIXED UP...language. I just looked at her, and once again my slick ways came out. "Bring it on you little piece of snot!!! What Kinda last name is Snizer any-ways???" Then Mariebella looked at me and her eyes turned BLOOD red, and two teeth were poking out and she said.. "If I bit you here and now...I wonder If you'll die...." I pulled back and said.. "I wonder If I bit you if you'll taste bitter???!!!" Then Aaron quickly, and swiftly came in-between her and I. All I saw was his back and his gorgeous neck black rose tattoo, in my mind I was thinking of two things. "Was she gonna bit me and beat me up with her fake teeth ,bad contacts and terrible profanity?....and was Aaron finally gonna finally notice and acknowledge me!!!" Instead, he talked to her in a language all I got was the ending when he told her "Calm down". Then he said "Now missy,(while turning around slowly) its your turn. The I said... "I- wa-was" Then he began to laugh and said "You most be new". I got so angry, that I said something stupid... I said "Does your ex feel the same way about you when it comes to intercourse??" Then my face turned red and he said "What did you just say?? " Then I said "N-n-nothing..I just". Then Amber called me and said "Its time for your marine-biology class!!! I then said, "Aaron, I had a class with you and- " Then he said..."for one, I am a virgin and two, never talk to Mariebella again" Then I said..."Like Mariebella, I think I'm over you to...." Then second bell rang and I realized it had been 15 minutes, we only get 15 minutes in the hall ways and I blew up to much time, Ms. Black-widow was gonna kill me, she told me more than 5 times, "NEVER be late" I was about to get hammered, and probably sent to another S.A.C punishment....Just great. I knew after Ms. Black- widow I only had a French class with Mrs. Broxbourne , and a Cooking class with Mr. Grey. So I ran to her class, and then Before I opened the door, I looked through the glass, I had to jump up to see, it was almost 5 inches taller than me, but I practically hung like a rag doll to see if everyone was in class...But then I saw it....A glowing black stone with a white light circling its insides...Then I looked around and saw the class empty... I was over joyed din my mind I was early. So as usual, I am not nosey but Ms. Black-widow NEVER talked to any men and she was talking to Mr. Slayton, He was my yoga teacher on Tuesdays and Fridays. What were they talking about? I tried to guess then I couldn't figure it out, so I did a really corny thing...While they talked I acted out the voices of what I though they were saying....Then I decided to just put my ear to the door. The ear is to hear, not to block out information. Then I heard from Ms. Black-widow, " Do all the teachers know....Make sure that no one else finds out excepts for...." the she switched into another language. It was like Mariebella's language bych fit. I couldn't understand a word. Then I saw Mr. Slayton coming towards the door, my skirt was stuck, I was so nervous, But I had to get away.... It tore a bit, but then I couldn't find anywhere to hide, so I ran alittle far, then acted like I was slowly walking to my class. I saw him coming to me and said, "Hello Ms. Sanders" Then I smiled at him, while my heart pounded. He passed me and I felt excited, then he said "Ms. Sander, be careful..." Then I looked back and said "What did you say sir?" Then he said, "Your gonna be extra late for your next class". He pointed to the clock with numerals that I didn't understand, so I looked at him cluelessly and he said "Your 7 minutes late for your next class..." I got nervous about the time and said "See you in yoga"Then I ran, and he continued walking to his teaching section."..........2be ( 2 be conituned......
>>>Do you want me to do more???


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