I Fell For My Best Friend's Sister ~~A Niall Horan FanFiction!~~

Jess was a normal 19 year old girl until she found out Louis Tomlinson was her brother and fell in love with his best friend, Niall.

Chapter 1

One <3

I sat at my desk, drawing. I've always drawn and am quite good at it. I drew a cat next to a rabbit eating a carrot.

"Jess, me and your father have been keeping a secret from you. It's about time we should tell you," my mom said opening my door.

"Okay," I replied getting up from my desk and following them downstairs.

"Jess, you have a brother you've never known about," my dad said as I sat in the chair opposite of them.

"So I'm not an only child?!" I exclaimed happily. My mother shook her head.

"He's coming over with some friends in a little while. You need to clean the house," My dad replied. Yeah, you heard right, I'm their maid. My life sucks.

"Okay," I said getting up and walking to the pantry. I took out the cleaning supplies and started in the bathroom. Occasionally, I stopped and checked my twitter.

@LouisTomlinson: Best show ever! Heading home to meet up with my sista!

@NiallOfficial: Hopping Lou's sis looks hot!

"At least thy're having fun," I said to myself. I cleaned for the rest of the day, until the doorbell rang.


Who could that be? Looks like you'll have to find out in a week lol jk i few days.

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