Khorra's Ultra-Awkward Hetalia OC Meme~!! (Done by the awesome moi~)

Okay-- so, here's the deal. You're gonna be completing a meme as an OC that you create~
Step One: Answer OC questions (as in, listing country name, human/true name, personality, looks)
Step Two: List 12 real Hetalia characters.
Step Three: Begin RP. Answer meme questions. Put your comments (Admin comments) in italics.


Chapter 1


My OC:
Name: Sicily
Human Name: Clara Vargas. (Is the younger sister of Romano and Italy)
Personality: Bubbly, stubborn, caring, innocent, sweet.
Appearance: Long wavy chestnut coloured hair, bangs, has an ahoge on the left side of her head, golden orange coloured eyes. Normaly wears a tank top and jeans.

1. America
2. Germany
3. Italy
4. Prussia
5. France
6. Spain
7. Romano
8. England
9. Australia
10. Denmark
11. Russia
12. Finland

1) 8 and 4 are fighting over you-- what do you do?

Prussia and England are fighting over me~? Well, I don't know I'd probably smack them both upside the head and ask them to stop...?

2) 5 confesses his/her deeply hidden love for you. Your reaction?

3) 7 walks in on you while you're showering. What happens then?
KYAAAH! FRATELLO GET OUT! throws a random object at his face

4) 4 sets you up on a blind date with 2. What do you do?
Prussia sets me up on a date with Germany?
Cosa? o.O

5) You overhear 6, 3, and 1 talking about you. Apparently, 1 has a major crush on you, but is too shy to tell you. What does 6 do? What does 3 do? What's your reaction?
Spain and Italy are talking....And America has a crush on me?!?!??!
frantically stuttering and blushing H-HUH?!?!? x////x
Admin: Sicily has a crush on America!!! x33

6) Can 10 invade your vital regions?
No. Denmark cannot =n=

7) Can 8?
England?!??! Nooo! runs away

8) You're having a casual conversation with 5, and suddenly he/she admits to liking 4-- a lot. What happens then?
W-well I'd try and help then get distracted and say 'I have to go sorry'....
Ahahahha... ^^;

9) 2 and 9 are arguing over who called "dibs" on 7 first. What do you do?
Germany and Australia are arguing on who called dibs on Romano....
Two things are wrong with this picture...
1. Why would Germany and Australia fighting anyway??
2. Why Fratello~? o.O

10) 11 shoves you into a closet with 1. What's your reaction?
Russia! What was that fo--
realizes who is in the closet
o///////////////////////o C-ciao....

11) To get revenge, you shove 11 into a closet with 4. What happens next?
Hahaha....I shoved him in there with Prussia...Hahaha--
Admin: whispers something to sicily

12) 8 wakes you up in the middle of the night. What does he/she want?
E-england?! H-he....I seriously have no idea...Maybe he wants pasta...

13) 12 asks you for love advice concerning 6. Your reaction:
Finland wants love advice concerning...Spain?!?!
Finland...we need to have a chat...

14) The very next day, 4 asks you for love advice concerning 12. Your reaction:
Prussia?!?!? W-what...?!??
Okay...Please someone tell me whats going on here?!?!? DX

15) 9 and 3 come up to you and, as a joke, ask how things are going between you and 5. What happens then?
F-fratello and Australia...ask me how things are going with....F-f-france!??!

16) You spot 12 and 7 kissing. What do you do?
walking along Lalalala...
sees them kissing
takes picture and runs away to Italy

17) You, 2, 8, 4, 11, and 3 are playing Spin the Bottle. 11 spins it, and it lands on 3. But then, 3 confesses to liking 8. 8 gets embarrassed and runs out of the room, and is followed by his/her friend, 4. Feeling awkward, and wanting to just get on with it, you spin the bottle. It lands on 2. You start freaking out, and 11 stands up for you-- then 2 confesses to liking 11. 4 comes back in and tries to set you and 8 up with each other. Needless to say, chaos ensues. This means:

Me, Germany, England, Prussia, Russia and Italy are playing Spin the bottle. Russia spins it and it lands on Italy (oh no Fratello! ono) But then, Italy confesses to liking England (COSA?!). England gets embarrassed and runs out of the room, and is followed by his/her friend, Prussia (When were they ever friends..? o.O). Feeling awkward, and wanting to just get on with it, you spin the bottle. It lands on Germany (EH?!?!). You start freaking out, and Russia stands up for you-- then Germany confesses to liking Russia (Ok...I am so lost at the minute...). Prussia comes back in and tries to set you and England up with each other (B-but it's England! H-he's so scary!). Needless to say, chaos ensues

Well then...That was weird....

18) You lock 12 in a closet with 9. Why would you do that? How do 12 and 9 react?
I lock Finland in a closet with Australia...

19) Why was 6 afraid of 7? Admin: Please don't kill me for making such a lame question...
Spain might have upset Fratello..and Fratello went mafia mode....S-so yeah...He's scary when he's in mafia mode...OnO

20) What would be worse: being locked in a closet with 4, or being stalked by 1 and 11?
Being locked in a closet with Prussia or being Stalked by America and Russia?

W-well...It depends on how long I'm in the closet for...And how long I'm being stalked for... ._."

21) What would be worse: being locked in a closet with 8, or being stalked by 2 and 5?
Being locked in a closet with England or being stalked by Germany and France...
Well I guess stalked because Germany would keep France on a leash...
Admin: what if he goes into BDSM mode~?
o.o then closet with England....OKAY I CHANGE MY MIND CLOSET WITH ENGLAND!

22) 6 suddenly announces that he/she is going to marry 3 tomorrow. What is your reaction?, marrying...Fratello....COSA?!?!?

23) You discover that 7 and 8 are dating. What do you do?
I would freak out and ask Veneziano what on earth happened!!

24) On a scale of 1-10, how much does this meme creep you out?
So far... 9 o.o

25) 10, 2, 4, and 8 are cosplaying. What do they dress up as?
Denmark: Euh...I don't know...
Germany: Euh...again I don't know...
Prussia: Gilbird! x3
England: Um...for some reason I think he would be a pirate...

26) 9 and 1 invite you to a pool party. You hear that 2 will be there. What's your reaction?
Australia and America...Invite me to a pool party. And Germany is going to be there...
Well I guess I'd be okay with Germany~ He is my friend after all ^^
America invited me to a party... .////.

27) You agree to watch a scary movie with 10, 9, and 4. A few minutes into the movie, it's so scary that you just can't stand it! 4 laughs at you, 9 hides, and 10 tries to comfort you. What do you do?
I agreed to watch a scary movie with Denmark, Australia and Prussia.... Why?!
And yes it was really scary! Prussia is so mean T^T
Australia...I would check up on him when I feel better...
Heehee...Denmark is so nice~ cuddles

28) 6 and 2 try to set you up with 12. Your reaction?
Spain and Germany try to set me up with Finland!?
Euh...Huh?? o.O

29) You are dared to spend the night at 3's house with nothing but a flashlight for protection. Do you accept the dare? If so, what happens?
Of course I accept the dare! ^^
I get so spend the night with my fratello~!
We'll probably make lots of pasta and pizza and then have a long siesta~!

30) Who do you think would make a better couple: You and 5, 4 and 11, or 3 and 2?
1. Me and France...shudders
2. Prussia and Russia...
3. Or Italy and Germany?
Fratello and Germany~!

((WELL, that was fun~! ^^ Any comments I'll probably reply as Clara unless Hungary or myself are needed to answer most of them~))


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