For you.

Chapter 1

Open Doors

Open doors,
Hearing the distant caws.
Watching you lie to my face,
Am I really such a disgrace?

Sold yourself to someone else,
How could I expect anything else?
First it's her, then it's him,
I don't even know, how to begin.

Chasing goals,
Fvcked up dancing poles.
Long nights go by,
Not hearin' a single cry.

Heat of the moment,
Destroying your opponent.
Hanging bodies on the chandelier,
Died out of fear.

Bloodstained walls,
Unpredicted mauls.
Distant cries,
Hollow goodbyes.

Ran away from pain,
But it's back again.
An endless game of tag,
Such a drag.

Chasing the wrong dream,
Life isn't what it seems.
Death by death,
High on meth.

Seeing deaths sharp eye,
Watching time tick by.
Wishing you were anywhere else but here,
Just you wait, the time is near...



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