Cats and Carrots (A One Direction Love Story)

This is a group story by me, KeadyKi, and my amazingly talented friend ElMundoEstaLoco. She knows relatively little about 1D and I'm a huge fan.
This story is told from the POVs of twin sisters, Hazel and Delilah. Hazel hates 1D but Delilah's a directioner. What happens to them is totally amazayn!
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Chapter 3


Delilah's POV

"You were parading yourself around like a brainless cow!" Hazel yells, her eyes popping to show just how outraged she is. Her knuckles are white as she clasps the steering wheel, and I wish she'd take her rage out on the road and not on me.

"Don't act like it's my fault, Hazel! You're the one who decided to take offence, and act all crazy! You're the one who embarrassed yourself! It's no surprise that someone recorded you! You very verbally abusing Harry Styles!" I bawl, feeling weak with anger and horror. My own sister! How could she do this to me? It was incredibly selfish, and I know she was just trying to show off. It's impossbile to desribe how devastated I am, and how betrayed I feel. "Just for once you could have shut the hell up and stop interfering! You clearly don't respect me at all and you've ruined my life!"

"Oh yeah, I've ruined your life now?" Hazel yells back. When we fight, there is no angry silence. "You're so over-dramatic, Delilah. It's ridiculous - you're ridiculous! You're stupid and vacuous and if you like being made a fool of by five untalented, unattractive, gormless, misogynistic boys, then fine by me! But I am going to stand up for what's right!"

I don't really understand what most of that meant but I don't point it out as it's only proving her point. "They're good guys! And you were really rude!" I scream. "I will never forget this, Hazel, and I'm so tired of you!"

Suddenly, Hazel pulls up the car, skidding on the street. "Get the hell out of here, Delilah. I just can't stand you sometimes!"

"Fine!" I declare, wondering if it's actually possible that steam will come out of my ears like in cartoons. I stomp out of the car, grabbing my handbag, and Hazel shows me her favorite finger as she speeds off.

"B with an itch," I grumble to myself, taking off my heels and beginning my way home. Hazel and I are seventeen so we live with a foster family, but we'll be free in a couple of months. At this moment, I can't wait to be old enough to live apart from Hazel. It's impossible for us to get along - I want to punch he smarmy, self-important face. "Urgh!" I shout out in frustration, but the street is empty.

Suddenly, I'm interrupted by my phone ringing. I pick it up instantly and am relieved to hear the voice of my best friend and thankfully fellow Directioner, Ava.

"OMG I saw them but then I fainted and then Hazel came and then she got mad and it was awful - " I begin in a frenzied tone, but Ava interrupts.

"Delilah? Are you sitting down? Coz I have some bad news," she says ominously. I bite my lip, wondering what's going on. Ava and I have tendency towards being dramatic so maybe it's not so bad, right?

"Tell me!" I demand, and I can hear Ava sighing on the other end of the line.

"Hazel's little dressing-down of Harry Styles? It's on YouTube," she tells me apologetically. My heart skips a beat - I'd thought this might happen, and it sucks. Now everyone's going to be associating me with her and her little rant - big rant. It's the worst thing that could have happened to me!

"How bad is it?" I whisper, and Ava is slow in responding.

"Um... well, it's gone pretty viral already. Almost 25,000 hits in the past twenty minutes... I'm afraid it's a big deal, Delilah. Your sister's probably going to get a lot of hate and stuff... OMG this is so exciting! In a bad way! But still..." she says, going from excited to unhappy in seconds. I know how she feels - even though this is totally disastrous, at least I've met One Direction and they're likely to remember me. But for all the wrong reasons. Oh God.

"Ava, I've got to go, I'll talk to you lates, babes. Love you!" I say hastily into the phone and pocket it as my home appears into view. It's a fairly unremarkable, pleasant suburban home and I hate it. Unremarkable is not something I like to be associated with. I just wish Hazel felt the same way and didn't have to involve herself in everything.

"Delilah!" says my foster mom when I come in, and she comes into the hall to greet me. She's quite nice, but not very involved. She's had dozens of kids through her doors and though she cares for us, she doesn't really care about us. "What on earth happened? Hazel's run up to her room in tears, and I'm getting calls - about some sort of YouTube thingie - from the neighbors? What's wrong?"

I bite my lip - how can I explain this to her? "Hazel was, uh, talking a bit rudely to Harry Styles. And it got out of hand. A lot out of hand, it seems, because it's on the internet. And we had a fight... and now it's all ruined," I say, and I'm already crying too. I do cry a lot and I don't know why - perhaps I'm just over-dramatic, or maybe I'm really stupid like Hazel said.

"Maybe you should go apologize to your sister, okay? She's probably going to have quite a tough time."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I don't do apologies, but I left her tea outside her room, and when I return after blow-drying my hair and checking out the video on the internet, the tea is gone. I sigh to myself. I know, now that the anger has abated, that Hazel thought she was doing the right thing, and seeing the comments left about her I feel strangely protective of her.

She's evil.... What a monster... Just coz she can't get laid she's taking it out on Harry.... she's a disgrace to our gender if she even is a female...

I want to hide from all this - it's so embarrassing. The video makes Hazel look so bad, and Harry stands there blinking at her like an abandoned bunny.

But at some point, Hazel and I won't be able to hide from this. Because by the time I'm tucked up in bed, checking my Facebook before going to sleep, Ava sends me a message to say that the video has reached half a million hits.

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