Cats and Carrots (A One Direction Love Story)

This is a group story by me, KeadyKi, and my amazingly talented friend ElMundoEstaLoco. She knows relatively little about 1D and I'm a huge fan.
This story is told from the POVs of twin sisters, Hazel and Delilah. Hazel hates 1D but Delilah's a directioner. What happens to them is totally amazayn!
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Chapter 1

Heart Attack

Delilah's POV

It would be such a shame if I die before I meet One Direction, but I'm wearing killer heels and I'm trembling with excitement, which is not a good combination. Every time I think of seeing those five boys, my heart skips a beat, literally, and I'm not being over-dramatic here. Honest.

I wobble up to the doors of the concert hall, clutching a wad of 1D merchandise - calenders, books, tickets from their concerts - and I try to breathe properly. I'm not alone in freaking out - there are girls literally everywhere, filling up the car park and the streets, all of them looking as nervous and excited as I feel!

A gaggle of girls giggle hysterically by the doorway, and they give me a dirty look as I skip past them in the massive queue. I smile patronizingly at them, flashing my well-cared for teeth - "I work here," I lie, and they shrug, looking understandably jealous.

The excuse works well, and soon I'm almost front of the queue, in the biggest waiting room. The din of girlish screams wrecks my ears and my heart thumps so hard in my chest that I feel sort of unwell. I am going to see them for real, up close! They are going to write my name and smile at me!

I worm my way to the front of the crowd, my elbows jabbing out to get past the other fangirls. I see the table and the five boys sitting at it, and I could almost pass out.

It's so weird seeing them in the flesh - they look different and yet the same as they do on YouTube. I spend half my life stalking them, despite my twin sister's efforts to make me read books or whatever she does.

Although there are other girls left, right and center, when Louis looks up, his eyes meet mine. My heart almost stops because of his beautiful blue eyes, and I beam back at him.

"You next," he calls to me, in that instantly recognizable Doncaster accent. I walk forward, smiling and tossing my glossy hair over my shoulder. The other boys are looking at me too, and for a moment my confidence falters, which is odd. I am usually supremely confident - I pride myself on it. The other thing I pride myself on is being a very good flirt.

"Hey, boys," I squeal, and my best flirting-voice fails me - these boys are too hot! I can't bear it!

Louis reaches forward to take the books from me, and when he catches my eye again, I forget to breathe. My heart pounds and I try to say something, but the words catch in my throat.

All I hear is Niall's voice - "Lads, I think we've got another fainter on our hands" - before I keel over, and One Direction's white smiles fade to blackness.

Rate and comment, people! Next up we have a chapter about Hazel, the other sister who is very different to Delilah. Please keep reading!!

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