The Tower (Original Group Story)

12 teens are invited to dine at the Tower. The teens are immensely varied in terms of backgrounds, but they all share one connection. They are all the best at something.
Best at athletics, best at swimming, best at music for instances.
However, the simple dinner that they are supposed to have at the Tower turns into a death match where only one person can survive.
Will anyone make it up the Tower???

Chapter 2

Marcus's POV

My dad calmly flipped through the pages of my report book as I stood next to him anxiously.
School had ended two hours ago and in exactly 15 hours more, my summer holidays were starting.

"Good, good. You've scraped by another semester, Marcus. But I do wish you'd put a little more effort to improve your math instead of always focusing on art." my dad said, looking at me with his familiar stern expression.

I shrugged.
"Math just doesn't appeal to me. Besides, I've already decided to be an artist when I grow up."

"Being an artist won't earn you a steady income, Marcus." my dad insisted.
He set down my report book, clapped me on the shoulder and left the living room.
I sighed, picked up the report book and slumped onto the couch.

Art had always been my favorite hobby. Just like how people are fans of music and writing, I'm a huge fan of art. Ever since I was 6, I'd been drawing and painting and sketching. My art teachers have always been proud of me and I've won several awards for getting top prize in art competitions throughout New York. But my dad is an accountant, and in his eyes the career of an artist was not a favourable career he would want me to pursue.


I turned round and rushed to pick up the telephone.


"Hey Marcus, how'd your dad react?"

It was my cousin, Selena, on the phone. It had always been a standing joke between us about how my dad would always lament about how I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

"Same as usual. Nagging about how I should concentrate on math and not on art."

"Heh. Once you get your letter, he's going to have a whole new perspective."

I frowned at Selena's words.

"Whaddya mean? What letter?"

"I just received a letter in the mail. It's an invitation. I've been invited to dine at the Tower."

"No way!"


The Tower was a 25 storey-high hotel in upstate New York. It was one of the classiest hotels available and Arthur Kole, multi-millionaire, had once boasted that it was his favorite project.
If anyone wanted to be anyone, one dinner in the Tower could skyrocket you up to instant newspaper-worthy popularity.

"How'd you get invited?" I asked.

"Arthur Kole said in the letter he'd invited 12 of the top students around New York to dine with him tomorrow night. I'm one of the 12 because of my chess capabilities. You'll probably be invited for your artistic achievements, dude."

"Hold on, I'll check."

I left the phone on the table and went to open our mailbox. The anticipation and suspense was built up so strongly inside of me that I couldn't help fumbling with the keys. But eventually, I unlocked it and opened up the letterbox. Grabbing out a wad of unread letters, I flipped through them swiftly.

Bills, bills, bills, bills, postcard, bills, bills, more bills, LETTER!

I grabbed the last letter at the bottom of the pile.
The envelope felt cool and new in my hands and there were little engravings of birds in the top corners of the envelope. The typical Tower engraving.
It was like branding the envelope with a mark that said 'Made by The Tower.'

I went back into the house and tore open the envelope with a letter-opener before reading the message inside.

"Dear Mr Marcus Vane,
You have been invited to dine with Arthur Kole and 11 other priveleged students at the Tower on the evening of 2nd Jan 2013. The reason for the invitation is due to your academic achievements in Art. Please show up tomorrow at 6pm in your finest clothes and present this letter to the doorman as your invitation.
Hoping to see you there,
Mr Palamino and Mr Kole"

"This is big, Sel!" I said back into the telephone.

"Whoa, calm down there, Marc. I'll see you tomorrow night at the Tower, alright? Wear your finest clothes."

She hung up on me and I jumped into the air, fist-pumping nothing in excitement.

"Dad?" I called. "I've got a letter to show you!"

A/N: Authors, for this round of chapters, just describe how you got your invitation to The Tower. In the second round of chapters, you can write as per normal. If you have any queries, please message me and ask. The next author is Irene.

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