The Tower (Original Group Story)

12 teens are invited to dine at the Tower. The teens are immensely varied in terms of backgrounds, but they all share one connection. They are all the best at something.
Best at athletics, best at swimming, best at music for instances.
However, the simple dinner that they are supposed to have at the Tower turns into a death match where only one person can survive.
Will anyone make it up the Tower???

Chapter 14

Belinda's POV

A compound containing the elements C, H, N, and O is analyzed. When a 1.2359 g sample is burned in excess oxygen, 2.241 g of CO2(g) is formed. The combustion analysis also showed that the sample contained 0.0648 g of H.

1) Determine the mass in grams of C in the 1.2359 g sample of the compound.

2) When the compound is analyzed for N content only, the mass percent of N is found to be 28.84 percent. Determine the mass in grams of N in the original 1.2359 g sample of the compound.

3) Determine the mass in grams of O in the original 1.2359 g sample of the compound.

4) Determine the empirical formula of the compound.

I read as my college-level chemistry tutor sat in front of me with a smirk on his stupid face. He always set out for me to fail because he was jealous that I was sixteen and already better than he was at chemistry.

“Clock’s ticking Belinda.” He mocked thinking that my hesitation ‘was not knowing the answer’ (I was really plotting his demise.). I read through the question again and I smiled. This is easy.

/ 1) 2.241 g CO2 x 12.01 g C/ / 44.00 g CO2=0.6117 g C

2) 28.84%=28.84 / 100.0=0.2884
0.2884 x 1.2359 g=0.3564 g N

3) 1.2359 g-0.6117 g-0.3564 g-0.0648 g=0.2030 g O

4) Convert everything to moles.

0.6117 g C x 1 mol C / 12.01 g C=0.05093 mol C

0.3564 g N x 1 mol N / 14.01 g N=0.02544 mol N

0.2030 g O x 1 mol O / 16.00 g O=0.01269 mol O

0.0648 g H x 1 mol / 1.01 g H=0.0642 mol H

Now divide everything by the lowest number of moles which is 0.01269 mol to get the ratios.

C: 0.05093 mol / 0.01269 mol=4.013
N: 0.02544 mol / /0.01269 mol=2.005 /
O: 0.01269 mol / 0.01269 mol=1.000
H: 0.0642 mol / 0.01269 mol=5.06

And because we know from the law of multiple proportions that elements combine in small whole number ratios we shall round these to whole numbers. So get,

Empirical formula: C4H5N2O

I finished writing and placed down my pencil, with three minutes of my original five still remaining. I looked up at Matt, my tutor, and smiled sweetly at him.


Matt frowned and snatched the piece of paper out from under me.

“You can’t possibly be right! Not one of my fellow chemistry graduates got that question right.” He said incredulously as he checked my answers.

“Are we done for today? I’m tired after kicking your butt.” I asked sarcastically and he glared.

“Whatever.” He grumbled so I picked up my bag and skipped out the door. I jumped over his side fence to my house and grabbed the mail from the letterbox.

“Bill, bill, bill, subscription to Chemical Week, bill,” I muttered as I leafed through the mail “bill, ooh! Fancy shmancy letter addressed to me! Awesome.” I raced inside and dumped all the other mail on the couch.

“Hey sweetie, how was school and tutoring?” My aunt asked as she chopped some carrots for dinner.

“Good! I got a letter from The Tower, but I don’t know what it’s for yet.” I replied, kissing her on the cheek.

“Goodness me, that sounds exciting! Why don’t you open it?” She wiped her hands on her apron and turned around to watch me rip open the letter.

Dear Ms. Belinda Nott,
/You have been invited to dine with Arthur Kole and 11 other privileged students at the Tower on the evening of 2nd January 2013. The reason to this invitation is due to your academic achievements in Chemistry. Please show up tomorrow at 6pm in your finest clothes and present this letter to the doorman as your invitation. /
/Hoping to see you there, /
Mr. Palamino and Mr. Kole

“Oh. Em. Gee.” I stared at the invite wide eyed and Aunt Milly started bouncing with excitement.

“Oh darling, congratulations! PHIL!!! COME DOWN HERE! ” Aunt yelled up the stairs and my Uncle Phil came running down holding a baseball bat.

“WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT HAVE THEY TAKEN?” Uncle Phil boomed, waving the baseball bat wildly, making me have to drop down to the floor so as not to get hit. He had been paranoid like that since he found a family of raccoons stealing his award winning cookies.

“Calm down Phil, I just wanted you to come down to show you this!” Aunt said gleefully, as she ripped the letter out of my hands and thrust it into Uncle’s face. He scanned the letter quickly before pulling me up and wrapping me up in a literally breath-taking hug.

“Congratulations Ro!” He boomed as he choked me with his hug. My uncle had a thing with making up nicknames that ended up having nothing to do with the name. For example, the name Ro came from Robot, and that came from bot which was the first sound of my first name and the last sound of my last name mashed together. Confusing isn’t it?

He finally ended the hug and I gasped for air. “Thanks Uncle Phil.” I wheezed before pulling out my phone and texting Felicity.

To Felicity: Hey, did you get an invite to The Tower? I asked and she quickly replied.

From Felicity: YES! Are you going too?

To Felicity: Duh. Did Ron get in as well?

From Felicity: I dunno… There was a large gap between this text and the next.

From Felicity: He hasn’t replied. I sighed as I read that text. She and Ron used to be so close, but now they barely even talked to each other. Being the best friend, I tried to talk to both of them and see why they were being like this, but neither of them knew. So much for being their children's god-mother. I giggled to myself, knowing that Felicity would be beside herself if I said that out loud.

To Felicity: Screw him and help me plan my outfit. I texted back.

Mum, Dad, I thought as I looked up. I hope you’re proud of me. This is what you wanted after all.

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