The Tower (Original Group Story)

12 teens are invited to dine at the Tower. The teens are immensely varied in terms of backgrounds, but they all share one connection. They are all the best at something.
Best at athletics, best at swimming, best at music for instances.
However, the simple dinner that they are supposed to have at the Tower turns into a death match where only one person can survive.
Will anyone make it up the Tower???

Chapter 1

Characters List and Order Of POVS

Read this list down to the bottom for any amendments to your character's descriptions.
Also, the order in which the POVs will be written is listed at the bottom. The order in which the POVs will be written changes in every round of chapters.
The story will begin in the next chapter.

1) Written by AwesomeOK1
Name: Marcus Vane
Best at: Art
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Family: Younger sister and dad, Selena is his cousin
Personality: Bit of a hipster, doesn't care about materialistic possessions, gets scared easily.
Secret: NIL
Love Interest: No one
Other: Is addicted to energy drinks and is a chocoholic

2) Written by cupcakeluv4eva
Name: Vanessa Roberto
Best at: Swimming
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Family: Mom and Dad, two uncles and one aunt.
Personality: Very mature, doesn't stand any type of nonsense or fooling around, takes charge easily.
Secret: Her uncle Robin was arrested because he accidentally ran over Peter's dad in a car accident.
Love Interest: She is a female chauvinist and hates the idea of dating
Other: She was born in Spain

3) Written by Ryuzaki129
Name: Danyel O' Connor
Best at: Athletics
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Family: Mom and stepdad, older cousin and three aunts.
Personality: Brave, eager, adventurous and often gets carried away
Secret: He made out with Ron's sister, Paige.
Love Interest: Paige, but Ron is overprotective of Paige and won't allow him to date her. Classic.
Other: He hates his stepdad. Classic too.

4) Written by Dialga_the_knight
Name: Peter Monroe
Best at: Math
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Family: Orphan, adopted by Kristen's family.
Personality: Quirky, comedic, bit of a brainiac.
Secret: He was a drug addict at the age of 12. He is now completely rehabilitated.
Love Interest: Crush on Selena
Other: He knows that Vanessa's uncle ran over his father

5) Written by Starfree
Name: Paige Kingston
Best at: Photography
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Ron, her older brother, two younger twin sisters, mom and dad, grandmother and two aunts.
Personality: Mature, sometimes a bit stand-offish, hates having to depend on people and loathes the idea of her brother mollycoddling her
Secret: Made out with Danyel
Love Interest: Danyel, but Ron is always in the way
Other: She once helped Javier vandalise his uncle's car. Javier goes to school with her.

6) Written by PoetryGirl_16
Name: Selena Roberts
Best at: Chess
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Family: Marcus is her cousin, mom and dad, uncle.
Personality: Very calculative and fashionable, short for her age, friendly to almost everyone but has a slight relative-rivalry with Marcus
Secret: Takes sleeping pills because she suffers from insomnia
Love Interest: No one, but Peter has a crush on her.
Other: She is Peter's and Kristen's neighbour and she is also Marcus's cousin. She worships One Direction.

7) Written by HermionesEVILtwin
Name: Ron Kingston
Best at: Music
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Family: Paige, two younger twin sisters, mom and dad, grandmother and two aunts.
Personality: Overprotective, often unco-operative, is a male chauvinist and loves the color yellow.
Secret: Was kidnapped when he was very young, he suffers from claustrophobia.
Love Interest: Dating Felicity, who is his neighbour
Other: Though Ron dates Felicity, he is against Paige and Danyel getting together. This fact only makes Paige angrier.

8) Written by Estahh
Name: Belinda Nott
Best at: Chemistry
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Uncle and aunt
Personality: Hopeless romantic, adventurous, friendly, outgoing
Secret: Knows Irene from kindergarten but lost contact with her when Belinda went to a different middle school from Irene
Love Interest: Crush on Danyel at first sight, even though Danyel is interested in Paige
Other: BFFs with Felicity

9) Written by larastraw
Name: Irene Wundermeister
Best at: Gymnastics
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Dad and two sisters
Personality: Bit of a bijch at times, she hates depending on people, loves swimming but sadly for her, Vanessa is the best youth swimmer in the whole of New York.
Secret: Knew Belinda from kindergarten, but lost contact with her after middle school
Love Interest: No one
Other: NIL

10) Written by Adorin_Niall_Horan
Name: Felicity Powell
Best at: Women's Sports
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Distant cousin is Javier, mom and dad and grandfather.
Personality: Shy, adventurous, loves nature, hates chauvinists.
Secret: Master with the yo-yo. Whether or not this is considered relevant all depends on you.
Love Interest: Ron, although their relationship has been getting rocky
Other: BFFs with Belinda, Ron is her neighbour and boyfriend

11) Written by RedGoneBlue
Name: Javier Fallon
Best at: Writing
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Family: Distant cousin is Felicity
Personality: Rough, bit of a bad-boy but can be romantic at times.
Secret: Secretly part of a youth-gang, secretly learning how to ride a motorcylce from his gang-leader.
Love Interest: Crush on Vanessa, though he doesn't know that she hates dating boys
Other: NIL

12) Written by Eve125
Name: Kirsten Tegginson
Best at: Theatre
Gender: Female
Age: 15 and a half
Family: Her family adopted Peter and she hates him for stealing some of her parents' love and care.
Secret: She is being cyber-bullied by someone who calls himself 'Mr Fish' on the internet.
Love Interest: Dating someone else from her school who is not a main character in the story
Other: NIL



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