My Babysitters a Time Lord!?!? (A Doctor Who/DW inspired fanfic)

right, so for the past few days i've been watching EVERY episode of Doctor who there is on Netflix and it has properly fried my brain into thinking that i can write a Doctor Who/Doctor Who inspired fanfic..lets see how it goes! Oh and It'll be the 10th Doctor
~Julz Freakin Norris!~

oh and P.S. im not sure if this will work or not but i wanted to do all the words in regular text and all actions, thoughts, etc in bold so...yeah. Tell me in the comments if its too confusing!

Chapter 1

My Babysitters a Time Lord!? (pilot) [tell me if i should continue in comments :)]

I dont need a baby sitter mum I sigh for the millionth time I'll be 13 in a month, I think I'm plenty old enough to watch myself.

You wish My mother scoffs as she puts her things in her purse. I clenched my jaw, not looking away from the window

Who's the sitter this time anyway? Not Ms. Hannigan i groan. Ms. Hannigan was a horrible old lady who absolutely hated children. Though she still insisted on being my number one baby sitter whenever my mum was out. Which was pretty much every night. Whenever she came over the only thing she fed me was Brussel Sprouts and Prune Juice. Killed my digestive system every time

No, it's not Mrs. Hannigan she says Its a new sitter. His names John. John Smith, just moved into the area.

Oh great, you're leaving me with a complete Stranger! How Lovely! i snap and she turns to glare at me

Don't you start with me young lady! she says with a hard tone I've met with the man and he's plenty safe.


That'll be him now, just on time! My mum says, hurrying to the front door. I looked out the window, pulling back the curtain and saw that the man at the door was tallish, had awesome brown hair, and wore a blue suit with a long brown coat. Presumably a Mr. John Smith. Other wise known as unneeded baby sitter. Wonder how long it'll take to scare him records an hour.

I hear them greeting each other in the front hall and stand up, walking over to the couch and sitting down, waiting. Finally they come into the room and he smiles at me as my mum continues to ramble on

...numbers are on the fridge, ingredients for supper are in the fridge and the phones on the wall in the kitchen doorway. Got it? she finished

Got it he smiles and dont worry Mrs. Clearwater we'll be fine.

Miss. Clearwater she corrects before saying and its not the two of you Im worried about its just you. she turns and gives me a slight glare She can be quite nasty when she wants, that one.

Oh I'm sure we'll be the best of friends! he assured her Now, off you go.

She sighed yes, well good luck Mr. Smith. And you she points to me, again with the hard looks and tone, you had better behave yourself. Understood?

I just stare back at her and finally she mutters something to herself before turning and walking away without a goodbye, switching on her blue tooth and chatting away as she slammed the front door behind her.

Well then! Mr. Smith says as he digs his hands into his coat pockets, standing infront of me with a bright smile Im John. Who might you be?

I scoff likely, didn't even care enough to tell you the name of the person you'd be responsible for, for the next few hours. Right, well that seems to be as usual.

He furrows his eyebrows, Well I'm sure it just slipped her mind! Now, whats your name?

Sophie. I reply Sophie Nova Clearwater.

Brilliant! he says in a Supernova?

Yes i say then add You wont be here long. I recommend you don't even take your shoes off.

What? he asks, obviously confused, but your mother said that she'd be gone till midnight and its only 6:30. Still a bit of daylight left, 5 and a half hours till she comes home. That's 330 minutes for us to spend however we want! he grins

I look at him weird how'd you know how many minutes it was?

Im just good at math he shrugs, smiling now, what do you want to do?

I don't know i shrug I mean usually the baby sitter just bosses me around or something...

Well I'm certainly not going to do that! he exclaims Where the would the fun be if I just bossed you around the whole night?

In the control I suppose i say

Only if you like controlling people he retorts Which I, in fact, do not.

I stare at him for a moment before saying, Whatever and walking away.

Where are you going? he calls after me

To make tea. I call back Want some?, well alright! Thank you! he says as I get to the kitchen

weirdo... i mutter to myself as i get into the kitchen smiles alot to...One of the 'peppy' kind I far he isnt bad but I don't need a babysitter anyway...

Say something? he calls

No, your hearing things! i yell back then think to myself I have to stop talking to myself...Im turning into a nutter, oh well its better to analyze that way.

Ok, Soph how are you gonna get rid of this one I think, looking around the kitchen. I grin as my gaze fell upon the knives. Of course, fake a horrible injury so he panics and either runs to get help or flees the crime scene. Ms. Clearwater you've done it again! And its only been 20 minutes, definitely beats the previous record!

You alright in there? Mr. Smith calls

Fine! Im just making some snacks to go along with the tea! I reply, getting an excuse to have been holding a knife

Well that's very thoughtful of you Sophie! he says Don't know why your mum was calling you a menace before!

oh but you will I mumble to myself grinning as i get out some cheese and crackers so that it looked like i had been using the knife. Then i get a bowl and some light corn syrup, red food coloring, blue food coloring, and a bit of chocolate syrup to make some fake blood.

When im done mixing it all together and the mixture is a deep red I spill some on the floor then put it all over my neck and down my collarbone. Then i put some on the knife and lay down on the floor, i kick a pan to make it fall and clatter to the floor. I drop the knife next to my neck and start screaming slightly. I hear running footsteps and Mr. Smith runs in and his eyes go wide i cry, pretending i could barely talk, shaking

he gets down next to me and says, his tone panicked nice try but its not going to work! then he grinned at me

how'd you know? I glare sitting up. He'd figured it out in nearly 10 seconds flat

well A) you left the corn syrup and blue coloring out on accident B) with a knife like that your flesh would have been a tad more ripped and C) Im just that clever he winked then said now, you go get cleaned up and I'll make the tea for real. What do you say?

Fine i grumble standing up and walking out of the kitchen without another word. I just had to get the smart sitter this time didnt I? Dammit mum couldnt you have picked another idiot like usual?

Once I've showered and put on some comfortable pajamas, throwing my soft brown hair up into a messy bun. I smiled, it looked darker in this light but when it was in the sunlight it looked lighter and sometimes, if the light was JUST right it had a red tint to it and seemed to glow a bit. I loved my hair.

But then my smile faded as I remembered Mr. Smith was waiting in the other room. I sigh and put my slippers on before heading out into the living room.

There you are! Mr. Smith smiles as he walks into the living room with a tray, sitting next to me on the couch. Now that the little blood fiasco is over with I thought you'd enjoy some hot chocolate and biscuits. You didn't come across as a tea kind of person to me.

I'm not. I mutter. I smiled ever so slightly as I saw that they were chocolate chip biscuits, my favorite. Maybe Mr. Smith wasnt all that bad...after all he wasn't like any of my other baby sitters.

Well then it seems I've made a good choice he says handing me a mug of hot chocolate. I smiled as i saw the whipped cream on top. Ok he REALLY wasnt that bad. Here ya are...

Thanks i mumble pulling my legs up onto the couch and crossing them Indian style. I take a sip of the hot chocolate...oh wow that was good...

So tell me...why were you trying to get rid of me? he asks, eating a biscuit

What? i ask, looking up at him. He gave me a stern look back

The blood, the fake injury. You were trying to get rid of me. Dont think im Daft. What was that all about? he asks

I sigh, setting my mug down then say quietly Im sorry...its just...i dont need a baby sitter. I dont need you here watching me. Im old enough to take care of myself.

I stop and he nods, Well then why are you sorry? If you don't want a baby sitter then why arent you still trying to get rid of me? After all I dont believe you to be one to give up so easily...

Because you're different I tell him, you're nice and funny and smart. You dont order me around, yell at me, or make stupid insults to purposely watch my smile crumble down...I always have the worst people. Feeding me things that make me want to tear out my stomach all together, screaming at me when i've done nothing, and insulting me every chance I get. It just isnt fair Mr. Smith.

Im sorry he says softly, you don't deserve that...I'm surprised your mother let this continue. Have you told her?

Of course i have! I exclaim, She doesn't care...She's never cared. About me, about anything. Just her job.

That is not true he tells me looking me in the eye, your mother loves you. I'm sure she just thinks your exaggerating or something. Its an adult thing..tend to believe each other over the children.

Well then how come you believe me? I demand, You're an adult! But you're also understanding...I don't get it.

I'm different, he shrugs then gives me a small smile and pokes my nose, just like you said. You're a smart one you are.

I can't help but smile a bit. This was a grown man that i'd just met, payed to be here, and yet I liked him more than anyone i knew. Strange...

Who are you? i ask him. He looks at me, surprised.

What do you mean? He asks, I'm John Smith...the 'different' baby sitter.

No... I say slowly, John Smith isn't your name. You're lying to me.

How did you- he starts but I cut him off, already knowing what he was about to ask.

The same way you knew that I loved hot chocolate, didn't like tea. I answer, instinct and the fact that I'm clever.

He just sat there for a moment, watching me, searching my face. It felt like eternity before he finally said Doctor...I'm the Doctor.

Doctor Who? I ask but he shook his head.

Just the Doctor. he replied, then added, But you can't tell anyone alright? When your mother or anyone else is here my name is John Smith. I'm only the Doctor to you, nobody else. Understood?

I nod, smiling, I'm just glad that we aren't lying to each other anymore. Let's do this properly!

He smiled, What do you mean?

As an answer I stick out my hand, grinning, Hello, my names Sophie Nova Clearwater.

He smiled back and took my hand, shaking it, Hello Sophie. I'm The Doctor.


A/N: so....what did you think? :) Good? Bad? Oh well...either way just tell me what you thought in the comments please! Also say if the bold for actions was too confusing. I really like writing like that and it's actually much easier. Sooo please comment and rate! love you all!

~Julz Freakin' Norris!~

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