Poems by me

They aren't about me, just sometime I see things that inspire me, for better or worse. sorry if it doesn't ryhme very well, and they aren't very good. Ill add more later.

Chapter 1

Pearls and Bread

All those pretty girls
Wrapped in strings of pearls
As I sit hear tieing thread
Hopeing that I'll get a meansly bit of bread
I dont know if the sun'll come out tomorrow
They worry if their dress matches their bow
I must feed my mom; whoes sick, my brother; whoes little, and my sister; whose frail
They have to read the gossip magazine they get in the mail
They tell their daddy what car they want, offten in blue or red
I cry beacause my dads dead
They fuss and they whine because they've had a bad day
But I wouldn't switch with them, no way
I will earn what I get, not just be given
Just like daddy earned his way to heaven
And when I get older I'll hellp people in need
I'll be the water, and they'll be the seed

Its a little odd I know. Oh and if you didn't get that last part it was because the water helps/nurishes/ect and the seed grows and pospers

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