My Little Devil. ( Stein x Kid one shot)

~Shotacon Warning, (Manxboy) Don't like that don't read (And dirty ^^). Everyone else,please enjoy.~

Chapter 1

Be pleased for me.

~Kid's p.o.v.~

I slightly began to shake as he watched my body with lustful eyes and that cheeky grin of his.

He shoved 3 fingers in my mouth and moved them around, lubing them with my saliva. As he slipped them out I gave a small whimper.

"You just can't wait can you Kid-kun?" he said, sending ice into to my soul.

I looked away with a slight blush and gave a gasp as he push them. He gave a small satisfied laugh as I covered my mouth and gripped the bed with my other hand.

I was about to scream out for him to stop but I knew it would be too childish."Y-your computers aren't in symmetrical order,l-let me fix t-them," I said quickly making a lame excuse hoping he'd fall for it.

"Haha, that's just cute kid-san don't worry you can fix them when I'm done with you," he grinned evilly.

"N-no I need to fix them now or it will bug me through the whole thing and it won't be any fun, plus I suffer from OCD." I begged that he would let me and maybe I'd have a chance to run.

"Don't worry it will be fun no matter what as long as you turn out to beg for more, which I know you will considering that you haven't done this yet." He licked down my neck with his tongue and movimg his fingers in and out.

I gave small muffled screams and moans a few slipping now and then.

I could tell he wasn't pleased because he started to unzip his pants and pulled his d!ck out. I shook my head fiercely," N-no please Stein-sama, stop r-right n-now." I stuttered he ignored me and pushed it in.

I gave out a scream, arching my back. Now he was starting to get pleased.

He continued to thrust in and out showing no mercy. I began to squeal and moaning, the sounds pleasing him but it wasn't enough for him. He went harder. I tried not to scream for more but I screamed for him to go as hard as he can and to go deeper as well.

"I want all of you in me, please, harder!!!" I cried out, trying to stop myself but couldn't. Every word that spilled out pleased him more and more. He did as I demanded.

I came my cheeks burning in embarrassment, he grinned wider his thrusts becoming more out of rhythm after a few more thrusts he came inside me, causing me to moan loudly, he pulled out his grin still plastered on his face.

"See Kid-kun you just loved it. Didn't you?" He whispered in my ear biting it,"Y-yes Stein-sama, I enjoy a l-lot of it." I stuttered still embarrassed and very tired.

"Go to sleep little devil and we can play more doctor tomorrow-".

I cut him off "Tomorrow!? I have other thing to do than be your little s*x slave."

He gave me a very unhappy look, and grabbed my chin,"Does Kid-kun need to be punished again?" He nipped my neck.

I shook my head. But he didn't listen, he began leaving hickies and love bites everywhere, even in visible places that would be hard to cover. I whimpered begging him and saying sorry. He finally seemed pleased and stop.

"Now you show up tomorrow around the afternoon, no matter what, understand pet?"

I nodded," Yes Stien-sama." He licked my cheek one last time before letting me go to sleep.

~Stein's p.o.v.~

Ahh I finally can have my pet all to myself hehe I stroked, his face as he slept with a bit of drool hanging from his mouth. I grinned tracing the worst love bite I gave him, He slightly winced in his sleep. So I traced a different one, making him moan. I chuckled enjoying watching his reactions.

I knew that I should sleep with him so I fell asleep, soon becoming very sleepy, but only staying up a moment longer to lick his ear. Finally drifting away, thinking of the fun I'll have with him later.


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