Dont Fear the Reaper (Black Butler fanfic)

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

by: MelMalfoy
She'd felt in love with and so she continued to let him court her, their times of play were no rare occurrence. It became a normal event and he seemed to love her or at least care for her as much as she did for him. Their affair lasted for months until they both seemed to lose interest with one another but feelings for each other still sat at the back of their minds…

On her 17th birthday he came and visited her in her home, by that time she had already received very many birthday parcels from friends of the family and her fiancé and his family, in a few days she’d finally be marrying him. Her father was home for once along with his 5th wife her house was a large mansion with a bit of land around the home.

“Hello Sebastian” she said with a smile “I was just about to go to the Undertaker’s shop".

“Ah well then don’t let me take up all of your time, I came to wish you a Happy Birthday” he said and bowed lightly.

“Thank you Sebastian” she said and did a curtsey “but I don’t ever let even MY servants bow to me”

He smiled and took a small ring box from the inside of his coat, wrapped around it was a large black bow in the shape of a rose “Happy Birthday, my White Rose” he said and handed it to her “just a small gift”.

She smiled again and undid the bow, inside was a ring with a round shaped onyx stone, sitting on it was a silver pentagram. It was made of a thick silver band that had rose designs on either side. “Wow Sebastian this is beautiful!” she grinned, and threw her arms around the part of his torso that she could “thank you”.

“You are very welcome, now I will let you be on your way my Black Rose” he said and bowed then disappeared before she could tell him off.

“Black Rose?” she shrugged it off and slipped the ring onto her finger then she lifted her hood onto her head

“Hi” she said cheerily as soon as she entered the Undertaker’s shop.

“Hello Rebecca” Undertaker said with an extra creepy voice.

“Why are you talking extra creepy?” Rebecca said tentively pausing in putting her coat on the hook.

“No reason” he said and giggled.

“Alright something’s up” she said decisively.

“Of course there’s not m’dear” he giggled again “Cake? I made it especially for your birthday”

“Oooookkkkkaaaayyyy does it have any dog biscuits in it?”

He gave Rebecca a flat look “IVE ALREADY TOLD ‘YE THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT ON THE BEHALF OF THE SWEET SHOP CLERK!!!!” he bellowed and swung his arms hysterically.

Rebecca laughed and stuck her finger into the chocolate icing of the cake “Mmm delicious” she smiled “thank you Undertaker”.

“Your welcome” he grinned creepily.

“Stop!!!!!” Rebecca yelled forcing him into fits of laughter "your not amusing" she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"I beg to differ m'lady" he said and grabbed a biscuit from the urn "I find myself extremely amusing" he smirked.

"Not again with the multiple personalities, this time ill force you into that insane asylum. And you know what I heard? They do electro shock therapy!"

He laughed again, this time he fell to the floor and spit dribbled out of his mouth, the sign at the front of the store shook too.

"Gah!" Rebecca exclaimed and swung the decorative scythe the Undertaker had in his shop.

"Ahh!" he exclaimed and threw his arms up running around the shop trying to avoid the aristocrat's angry wrath.

"Rebecca that is not a toy!" Undertaker exclaimed.

"Well then shut up!" she said and sheathed it again and put it inside his coffin.

"Now then what work todo?"

"Now what kind of gentlemen would i be if I let a little girl like you work on her birthday? And a few days before her wedding no doubt!" he exclaimed "heheheheheh" he knew how much it annoyed Rebecca that she was promise to such an arrogant twit as Emery Blanc. Or that she was promised at all.

"I will make the reaper come for you" Rebecca grabbed the front of his robes "and there won't even be anyone left to make your corpse pretty! Because what PROPER LADY would I be of I attended to corpses?"

"Relax Becca only joking" he laughed "we don't have very many corpses today... It's as if they stopped dying in honor of your big day"

"I SWEAR I MEANT YOUR 17th BIRTHDAY!!!!" Passerby's could hear this a block or two away from the Undertaker's shop.

After 3 more attempts at killing him and a few more hours full of discussing each others funeral plans, Rebecca finally checked her pocket watch.

"Ahh! I'm going to be late to my own birthday ball!" she exclaimed "bye Undertaker! See ya tomorrow, I'll bring you some leftovers from the ball kay?" she said as she grabbed her coat.

"Yes, 'tomorrow'" he put emphasis on 'tomorrow'"

"Alright weirdo bye!" she said and exited the store.

Walking about was a knife juggler who seemed to be merely 15 years old. He had unruly blonde hair and big brown eyes, on his shoulders sat a monkey whom was doing amusing tricks, that and the boy's skill earned much praise and pennies.

Rebecca paused and looked in amazement.

The boy lifted one leg and threw all 8 knives under them, the audience gasped as he returned to his regular loop. Once again he lifted the other leg and did the same trick. Rebecca gasped then laughed and clapped. She bent down and placed a whole pound into the monkey's hand.
The boy threw all his knives into the air, aiming at catching them all a special trick in thanks to the kind girl. The crowd gasped as he caught.... 7 knives.

Rebecca was still bent over when the boy did his trick, and so the mysterious knife sunk into the dark lace that covered her dainty back.

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