Dont Fear the Reaper (Black Butler fanfic)

Chapter 1


by: MelMalfoy
She had been so beautiful the first time he saw her. It seemed like so long ago now but he still remembered the first time he had seen her, even back then she was as beautiful as death herself. An odd analogy, but that's the Undertaker for you.... Of course she'd been but 12 years old the first time he'd seen her, the day of her step-mother's death. Her dirty blonde hair had been made into a simple knot at the back of her head, covered with a black veil. Her grey eyes had remained dry, she had not shed a tear. But, strangely enough, she found it fascinating when he told her the process by which he had done her autopsy and cleaned her up. Since the untimely death of her father's 2nd wife she visited the Undertaker's shop every chance she could, eventually she started to sleep over there, in one of the coffins. He didn't actually know of it until she accidentally fell asleep in HIS coffin, then he'd carried her to an actual bed in the back room which was namely used for when customer's families fainted. She trusted him with the knowledge that she had slept in a bed not her own when she was 15, at that time she had thought it such a disillusionment but he'd surprised her when he laughed it off and told her that many girls her age did that, but to be careful for she did not want a little runt to grow in her womb. And so she carried on as she did.

There were really only 3 and she felt like she loved every single one of them, especially the last one, the one that had happened when she was 16 and a half.
She had been with a 'guest' when he had come the first time, the Undertaker had fallen asleep not so accidentally and so was not at the disposition to entertain anyone.

He sought information from the Undertaker, 'he is asleep' she'd informed him.

'Really?' he asked her seductively.

She crossed her arms over her chest, accidentally pushing up her still growing breasts and replied defiantly 'yes he is, do you want to bother him? Ill warn you straight out, Undertaker is NOT a morning person'.

'What is your name my little rose?' he asked with a small smile.

'Rebecca White' she replied.

'So then it's my little White Rose I should say' he smirked.

'If I were yours yes, now you know my name and you have a hold on my spirit. It is not fair for you to hold such power whilst I do not. What is YOUR name?' she asked but could not deny his mysterious appeal

He smirked 'Sebastian Michaelis, butler to the earl of Phantomhive, Ciel Phantomhive' he bowed and took her hand planting a light kiss on her pale skin 'at your service'.

She blushed pink 'so you are that butler everyone speaks so crudely of'

'Who speaks so of little old me?' he asked amused.

'Mr.Michaelis, this shop holds the secrets of many. If I went revealing who said, well then what kind of shop mistress would I be?' she replied with an amused expression of her own.

'A shop mistress so young? How old are you White Rose?' he asked

'16,' she said.

'So young, yet… so beautiful' he said tracing a gloved hand over the side of her face.

'Old enough' she said with a satisfied smirk on her face but his it before he noticed 'what is it you wanted with the Undertaker?'

'Now now' he put a finger to her lips 'if i went revealing my master's business... well then what kind of Phantomhive butler would I be?' he asked with a satisfied smirk of his own at seeing the pink tint of her cheeks.

'Not a very good one' she said.

His hand wandered the edge of her face, soon it was joined by his lips which trailed her jawline.

'Mmm' she thought to herself and pressed her body closer to his, he wrapped his arms around her thin waist and looked down at her.

'Do you want to play my young maiden?' he'd asked her with a seductive look on his face which no mere mortal could resist.

'Wasn't I too young to play but a moment ago?' she asked him.

'But a moment ago yes, now I think differently' he smiled down at her.

'Mr.Michaelis' she said disapprovingly but with a smile of her own.

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