This will blow your mind!!

I am not kidding you!

Chapter 1

Is a size 8 plus sized?

I am twelve years old, I wear a petites size ten. I would be considered a plus sized model, because anything above a size 6 is plus sized. I find that rediculous. Skinny isn't always pretty. Women should be reconized for inner beauty and brains, not a tiny waist and big boobs. I know I'm not perfect or the best looking, but being being able to see bone is not healthy.
Did you know that up until the 1980s the women that won Miss USA and Miss America averaged between a size 8 and 12? I picture that as more of a beautiful woman then a size 0. I learned that Miss USA and Miss America have been shrinking gradually form 1987 until now. The avergae size of the winners now are between a size 0 and 4. To be honest I'm happy being 5' 3" and 170 LBS! i'd rather be larger and have brains and be caring then a size 2 and snotty. I AM NOT SAYING ALL SMALLER GIRLS ARE LIKE THAT!!! JUST SAYING THAT SOME TEND TO BE A BIT STUCK UP!!! NO OFFENSE INTENDED!!!
I suggest we take a stand and say "we're tired of being tooth picks and weak! We're not taking any more of this crap! We deserve to be a bit bigger but a lot stronger!" Being healthy and caring is more improtant than being teensy and weak. And besides larger girls are prettier!

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