Little Things (One Direction Love Story)

Rachel isn't your typical girly girl. She's always been seen as one of the guys, and when a guy likes her, she never gets attached as much as they do. Basically, she has never fallen in love, and doesn't seem to intend to. But things may change when she goes to Uni in London, and meets 5 boys. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will one of them fall for her?

Chapter 1

Little Things

I finally got my last suitcase in the car. My neurotic mother was crying hysterically as I got ready to go into the car with my dad and drive to the airport, so I could start my freshman year at Uni. My 13 year old sister came over and hugged me. She smelled like
Pink perfume and chewing gum.
She let go of me and waved, "Bye sis."
I waved back and smiled, "Bye Geena."
My mom sobbed harder and I sighed, "Come down mom, I'm not going away forever."
She tried to say something but she just cried harder.
My dad said in an annoyed voice, "C'mon Sheila, calm down."
My mom sniffed, "How could you not be sad Morty!"
I explained to my mom jokingly, "Mom come on, men don't show their emotions. I know dads secretly torn up inside."
My dad chuckled and then he got inside the old navy blue Mercedes. It was my grandpas, and it was pretty ancient, but our family never had the heart to get rid of it, so instead it was my first car.
My mom was probably so upset because, well I'm going to school in London. And the trip from back to California from London was not a cheap one.
When we finally got to the airport, my dad helped me unload my bags from the trunk and we placed them on the curb.
He bobbed his head, "The stuff your mother and I sent you should already be there,"
I nodded and then he continued, "I'm gonna miss you kid. Be good over there."
I smiled, tears wetting my eyes as I hugged him.
My lip quivered, "Bye dad."
He smiled sadly, "Bye Rach."
And I put my bags on a trolly and rolled them away, waving one last time.

By the way, my names Rachel. Rachel Harley. I'm look like a typical girl, long, dark brown wavy hair, green eyes. According to my doctor 5' 5 3/4" but who's getting specific?
But I'm not the typical girl. I've always been seen as one of the bros, no matter how much makeup I wear or how big my boobs are. I'm always just one of the guys. I play Xbox, I played basketball and lacrosse in high school, and I've never been sensitive, or the clingy girlfriend type. Yeah I've had boyfriends but they never really work out because they get more attached to me then I do to them. No matter how long we'd been dating. But then there was one guy I dated, who's now my best friend, A.J. My friend Jess set us up because he said that we were "compatible". Turns out, we were so compatible, we were more of friends than ever boyfriend and girlfriend.

A woman's voice came over the intercom, so I took out my headphones from my ears.
The voice said, "We are now boarding for Flight 265 to London."
I got up and lifted my carry on up onto my shoulder, and waited in line until it was my turn for my ticket to be scanned. A man with a name tag reading 'Todd' took my ticket, scanned it and smiled up at me, "Have a good flight ma'm."
I nodded and smiled warmly and walked through the connector.
My new life in London awaits.

Andd that was the intro chapter of Little Things!

Weeee hope you like it bebes(:

Please comment, leave any feedback or suggestions :D

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