Quibblo resolution!

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Chapter 1

Quibblo resolution!

Have you ever noticed how you log on Quibblo, see that you have a TON of messages, and end up deleting most of them? Well, most of those messages are invites, and most of those invites are stories. Stories written by amazing authors. Authors that spend hours making a plots and writing stories. Do you know what it's like to be one of those writers that posts their story and are just waiting for feedback, comments, and ratings, but never get any? It's awful! And the reason most writers on Quibblo don't get the feedback they deserve, is because most people delete almost all of the stories they get. This needs to end, because Quibblo is full of amazing writers!

So let's make a resolution for the New Year! Let's all try to read more of the story invites we get. I'm not saying all of them! But at least some. Read some of them, rate them, comment on them, and give all of these amazing authors the feedback they deserve.

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