Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 7

Do You Hear That? Is That an Earthquake?

"Darn it to Hell and back!" the girl yelled as she dug her crowbar into the last infected of a small horde that had attacked her and her partner. She dropped her crowbar and fell to her knees and grasped her right wrist and gritted her teeth. "Are you alright?" her male partner asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. She smacked it off of her, "I'm fine, let's keep going." she said, retrieved her crowbar and stood up. She fixed her hair under her cap and grunted, she grabbed her wrist again. "You weren't bitten were you?" he asked her. "Are you crazy, Jack, No I wasn't bitten." she exclaimed, she glared at him slightly. "Here, let me see." Jack said and held his hand out to her. She grumbled something and held her arm out to him, "I'm fine, darn it." she muttered. Jack gently poked her wrist, "YOW! Why did you do that?!" she yelled at him, and cradled her arm to her chest. "I barely touched it, darn it!" he exclaimed. A loud roar erupted around them, "CRAP!" they both yelled and took off running.

Tyler was in the kitchen of the plantation. He opened the cupboard and dust exploded from it. He started violently coughing as he waved the dust away. Once the dust cleared her glanced inside, it was half empty. "Still a lot, how much canned food did these people need?" he asked himself and started putting cans into a sack. He silently wondered how he let Abby talk him into this, and how it felt to loose someone as close as a sister, even though Bethany hadn't been Abby's biological sister that bond was still that tight. It was clear that Abby had been scarred by that loss. Tyler wondered what it would've been like to have a brother, for a moment. Then he remembered something. He stuffed two more cans into the bag and returned to the room the he and Abby have been taking refuge in the past couple of days. Tyler didn't dare tell her that this was the room he had used as his, he had told her he stayed downstairs with a sleeping bag.
Abby was reorganizing the stuff in their bags, she looked up momentarily caught Tyler's eyes. "You know, I used to have pen-pal," Tyler said, "he had been my closest thing to a friend." Tyler sat next to Abby and started helping her. "Me and him would send each other letters and emails, and when I felt bad he would send me a care package." Tyler said and let a small smile drift onto his face. "What was his name?" Abby asked, she stopped looking what she was doing to look at him. "I always called him by his first initial, J, but his real name was Jack." he said and pulled all of his clothes out of his bag and started folding them. "Where did he live?" Abby asked, and started folding her own clothes. "I don't remember, I always had to email him and ask for his address again." Tyler said with a slight chuckle. "What did he look like?" Abby asked. "I think he gave me a picture once, let me check... ah here it is!" Tyler said and pulled a picture from his bag. He handed it to Abby. It was a boy with blonde hair that had blue edges, his hair was in a mohawk, it pointed up in the front, he had big green eyes and wore an eye patch over his right eye, he had his left ear pierced and had a chain in it, than led to a piercing in his bottom lip, he wore a loose leather jacket and ripped jeans, he had on bright purple knuckle gloves, his nails were painted either dark blue or black, and he had a bandanna wrapped around his neck. "He seems, um..." Abby tried to find the right word. "Weird, strange, different?" Tyler offered, Abby just nodded and gave him the picture back.

Abby looked at their bags, four bags, two each. One bags had the pipebombs, another had canned food, and the other two had their clothes and belongings. All four bags were one strapped, they could easily carry two each. "I think I should carry the two with the cans and pipebombs." Tyler said, Abby raised a single eyebrow at him. "They're heavier, and you depend on your speed and agility, these two would slow you down. I've had to work while carrying heavy objects, so I should take the heavier bags." he explained. "Alright, Hercules." she said and picked up the two lighter bags and swung them over opposite shoulders. Tyler did the same. He had both pistols in his front pockets, both short range shotguns in his bag straps, and he is holding his rusty pipe. Both of Abby's handguns were still in her front pockets, her katana and machete still in the sheaths.
Tyler opened the window and had a pipebomb in one hand and a lighter in the other. "Wait a second." Abby said and reached into her pocket. She pulled out Bethany's tie and tied it around her neck and kissed it. Tyler couldn't help but smile. "Ready?" he asked, Abby looked out the window. "Wouldn't it make better sense to do it from the door, we wouldn't have to run down the stairs, doing it from here would give ones that aren't out there a chance to get her." she said. Tyler flushed, noting to let Abby plan things. They trudged downstairs, "Are you ready now?" Tyler asked. Abby pulled her machete from it's sheath and nodded. Tyler lit the pipebomb, he kicked down the door, and threw it out. The beep resonated through out the backyard, many of the infected ran for it. They piled around it, trying to get a hold of it. "3...2..." BOOM Tyler ran from the house, Abby close behind. They wove through the bodies, trying not to trip. They get to the large fence, Tyler search it. "Crap!" he exclaimed. "What?" Abby said looking around, that explosion had to have got the attention of other infected near the plantation. "The latch is rusted, I won't be able to get it open, CRAP!" he yelled. "BZZZ Hello, BZZZ anyone there? BZZZ" Both of their heads swiveled to one of the bushes. Tyler cautiously approached it, he slowly pulled the bush up to reveal a hand radio. He picked it up, "Hello?" he spoke quietly. "Is you at that big plantation at the end of the river?" a man spoke from the other end. "Uh, yeah." Tyler said. "You need some help, I got a boat out here?" the man spoke. "Yeah, but the gates rusted shut." Tyler said. "BZZZ Don't BZZZ worry 'bout that, there's some C4 explosives on this side, it'll take me a second to get there, but my boat makes a lot of racket. can you defend yourself?" the man asked. "Mm-Hm" Tyler said, "Alright BZZZ I'm on my way." he said. A loud chunk then the sound of machinery moving could be heard from the other side of the gate, and a load howl of infected could be heard from their side. They both Tyler put the radio by the gate, and he and Abby readied themselves. The infected started pouring from the sides of the plantation, the biggest horde Abby had ever seen. She pulled her katana from it's sheath, Tyler grabbed one of his pistols. They were close, the first infected reached Abby. She moved her blades with high precision, sliced off it's head. A loud CLANK came from Tyler as he hit one with his pipe. They both started taking down two at a time, Tyler only using his pistol when too many got too close. "Pipebomb!" Tyler yelled. Abby stuck her katana in the ground and unzipped the bag on Tyler's back, several fell from the bag. She grabbed one and tossed it in the air, Tyler dropped his pipe and grabbed the bomb, "Cover me!" he yelled. Abby took stance in front of him, moving her arms as fast as she could. Tyler fumbled in his pocket, trying to locate the lighter. "Tyler, over there!" Abby yelled, Tyler followed her line of sight. The lighter laid on the ground further up the path, Abby put both blades in the ground and produced both of her handguns from her pocket. "Go for it!" she yelled, she started shooting. Tyler ran past her, trying to dodge infected and stray bullets. He finally got to the lighter, he picked it up and started trying to light the pipebomb. It sparked and went out, "Come on, come one." he said through bared teeth. Infected were closing in on him, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and tried again. It sparked and lit, he quickly lit it and threw it far away. Most infected abandoned him, deeming the pipebomb a better catch. Tyler got to his feet and ran back towards Abby, who put away her guns and grabbed her blades. They heard a loud and deafening howl, the ground started to rumble, "What's that?" Abby yelled. Tyler had all but froze, he was staring towards the house. The infected started retreating away from them, another howl. Abby stared at the house, the ground rumbling. Something jumped onto the roof, Abby froze solid. "TANK!" Tyler yelled, his face completely paled. The Tank raced towards then from the house, a loud ticking came from behind. Tyler yelled something to Abby, she couldn't hear it over her own fear. Loud howls erupted around them, infected followed the Tank. To Abby, everything slowed to a crawl. A loud BOOM sounded from behind them, chunks of wood whistled past them. Tyler was yelling her name. The Tank was close. Tyler acted on instinct, he grabbed Abby by the arms and swung her over his shoulders and ran through the gate. Abby finally came to her sense as the Tank lifted a large chunk of earth to throw it. "Tyler" she screamed, he looked back. He fell to the ground as the chunk sailed past them. They got to their feet and ran for the boat again. They were at the dock, a loud hacking cough, then something wrapped around Abby's ankle. She screamed as it dragged her back. Tyler ran to her and grabbed her katana from it's sheath and sliced through the tongue that was wrapped around her ankle. They ran for the boat again, jumping onto it. The boat took off, leaving the infected to fall off the dock and drown. The Tank chucked another chunk of earth at them and missed. Tyler and Abby were both on all fours, trying to catch their breath. "Howdy." A mans voice said. They looked up to see a old man, his hair shaved, and short beard, and an army suit. "My names Hutch, who are you two?" he asked, they got to their feet. "Two kids that need a ride to the town." Tyler said.
Here's the next episode, hope you like it.

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