Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 6

The Circus Has Arrived

"What does that thing do, exactly?" Abby asked as she examined the 'pipebomb' closer. "When you light it, it starts to flash and beep and draws those things to it, then it explodes." Tyler explained, and put the bomb back in the box. There was at least thirty in that box, "Where did you get them?" Abby asked as Tyler placed the box on the bed. "I scavenged them from the boat when it crashed, I was surprised they didn't get wet." he said and walked to the closet. He pulled out a second bag, walked back to the bed, and started putting pipebombs in it. Abby scratched the back of her head and peeked out the window, it was getting dark out. There were more of them out there, it startled her. "Please don't tell me we're going out there now, are we?" she almost whispered. Tyler snorted, "Heck no, that would be a suicide mission!" he said without looking up. He paused, looked up, and said. "We go at dawn."

She walked through the ruins of the park, the old circus tents and stands everywhere. This had been it's first set up... and it's last. Her all stars skidded on the smooth concrete, her ash blonde hair flowing slightly in the wind. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at the smell that surrounded her. She paused a moment to smooth out her shorts and adjust her purple top, she heard a low growl. She froze for a moment before straightening up and continued walking down the path. The growling growing louder, she could now here claw on concrete. It was in position, ready and waiting. It pulled it's knees back, leaped forward with a loud howl. She spun around as the hunter sprung at her, she pulled out her pistol and shot it. She sidestepped as it fell the the ground and skidded, she nudged it with her foot. It twitched, and she shot it in the head. She heard more loud howls, "Crap!" she yelled and took off down the path. She could hear louder and faster footsteps behind her. She turned her head back slightly, seeing the large horde pursuing her. She gulped and faced forward, narrowly missing a flickering lamppost. She glanced back, once again wrinkling her nose as the dim light crossed the horde. She could see the safehouse up ahead, "Why did I stay out so late, I'm so stupid!" she mentally yelled at herself. She could see another hunter, "Crap..." she muttered. Her grey eyes widened in horror when she saw the second join the first. They both leaped at her, she was going to fast. She bent her knees and slid underneath them, they collided. They got to their knees and shook their heads, past them she could see the horde getting closer. She got to her feet and continued to run, she wrenched the door open and ran in. The hunters leaped again and collided with the door as she slammed it shut, and the horde started banging on the door to gain entrance. She fell against the wall, trying to catch her breath. She walked over to one of the many boxes the CEDA left behind, and pulled out a pipebomb. She opened the window next to the door, seeing infected trying to pry the bars open. She lit the bomb, the red bulb began to blink, the beeper beeped, and she chucked it out the window. Many of the horde run for it, crowding over it as the beeper got louder and faster. Drawing more to it, before it exploded. Destroying most of the horde, she shot the stragglers and didn't see any sign of the hunters. She closed the windows and collapsed onto a sleeping bad, exhausted. The sound of more infected shuffling towards the noise they heard resonated in the small safehouse.

Abby's eyes fluttered open, then narrowed as light invaded her eyes. She groaned and froze. Someone was touching her, she slowly looked down to see an arm around her waist. She looked behind her and came face to face with a sleeping Tyler, he was snoring softly. Abby's face flushed as she stared at Tyler's pale features. "Tyler." she whispered, almost not wanting to wake him up. She tried to move his arm, but all he did was pull her closer and groaned. "Tyler." she said a little louder, he didn't respond. "Tyler!" she said louder, he groaned and tightened his grip on her. "TYLER!" she screamed, Tyler's eyes snapped open then narrowed. "What's going on?" he muttered sleepily, his eyes shut in an attempt to shut out the light. "You're hugging me tightly." Abby muttered angrily. "What!" Tyler yelled, his eyes snapped open looked at his position. He let out a shout of shock and jumped backwards, falling of the bed, and shouted out again as he landed with a loud thud. She rolled over to look at him, his face flushed a deep red as he stared at the ceiling, Abby bit her bottom lip. She rolled back onto the bed and burst out laughing, "What's so funny?" Tyler asked. He hadn't moved from the floor, but was looking at the bed. "I'm sorry, I haven't laughed that hard since this all started." Abby said breathlessly. Tyler realized something and got onto his knees, looked at Abby a moment. "You know I told you how I got here, but I don't know your story." he said and crossed his arms, put them on the bed and rested his head on them. "Oh, well..." Abby began and thought a moment.

Abby's Storytelling P.O.V

Well, I was put up for adoption when I was born, and never met my parents. I was never adopt, no one looked twice at me. When I got old enough I was sent to a home for teenage girls, and stayed there. I also met my bestfriend there, her name was Bethany. She was weird, she would always talk really loud, she would grin when she got into trouble, she would run around in circles when she would have ONE piece of candy, and she loved to sing. When she would sing, everyone who could here would stop what they were doing and listen. I met her on the first day there, she showed me around and claimed me as her sister. She always wore this baseball cap and tie with skull and cross bones on them, and if someone tried to take them from her she would flip. Me and her got into a lot of trouble and after a while they put us in the same room so we wouldn't bother the other girls. Me and her would spend every second of everyday with each other, she taught me a lot. She taught me to fight and to protect myself. Then the infection started, at first we thought it was a joke, until it hit the home. Bethany woke me up in the middle of the night and said we had to go and now, I could hear the screaming from the hallways. Bethany pulled to the closet and helped me pack a bag. We ran from our room and down the hall. We saw the first infected, it chased us, we were forced to turn around. We ran out the side door, she pulled me to one of the sheds. She grabbed a shovel and a crow bar, she handed me the shovel. She started to run, I followed her. An infected came up on her, she moved with agility I didn't know she even had. She used a roundhouse kick and smashed it's head with the crowbar. I studied every move she made, made sure to memorize everything. She kept pushing me ahead of her, she kept saying things to keep me calm like, "Its alright, sis, its gonna be alright you hear me." or "We're gonna make it together, you are going to make it." It wasn't until later that I knew what she meant by that last one. We came to a dock, boats were loading to get out of there, but the way we needed to get through were blocked. Bethany pushed me into an ally and made me look at her, we were both filthy, covered in dirt, sweat, and blood. "Abby listen to me, when I get those things out of the way I want you to run, with or without me, am i understood." she said, she sounded so stern and serious. She never sounded like that before, not even when she was upset. Her voice always sound joking or happy, but not now. "I'm not leaving you, Bethany." I cried. "I have to get you somewhere safe, I'm not letting you die, Abby. Not like my family before I got sent to the home, I'm gonna give the chance to live!" she shouted at me, she was crying. Her other family, she told me she had been the only survivor in a house fire. I shoved my shovel into her hand, "I'm not leaving without you." I said trying to not let my voice crack, it was still dark. I was terrified, I was shaking, and I was crying. She hugged me tightly, "I love you Abby, That's why I'm going to do this." she said and pushed me away and ran out of the ally. "Bethany!" I yelled after her. "Hey dumba$$es, come and get me!" she screamed out. Every infected that had been in our way looked at her and ran for her, "Yeah, I'm Waiting!" she shouted and started banging the crowbar on the shovel. She started running away from the dock, I watched helplessly as they surrounded her. I could hear the shovel being banged against the crowbar, I heard her scream out something then she was just screaming. She had screamed, "RUN ABBY!" and I did, I ran to the docks. I could still hear her from the boat, and the shovel being whacked against things. I felt something on my hand, I looked down and saw that wrapped around my wrist was her tie. The orange tie, with black and white skull and cross bones. I cried for hours before we docked. The words she told me kept echoing in my head, "I love Abby, I gonna give you a chance to live." About an hour after the boat docked we were attacked, I was able to get away. A few days later I found my machete, I kept Bethany's tie in my pocket for good luck. I spent the month wandering around, scavenging, and surviving. Every now and again I think I hear Bethany talking or singing, like right before I fall asleep I can hear her singing me a lullaby. I also have a picture of me and her when we were 15, roughly a year ago. Then I found this place, you saved me, and now we're planning to escape.
Normal P.O.V
"That's rough." Tyler breathed out and pulled his fingers through his hair , trying to digest her story. "Yeah, I really miss her, and I know she died for me." Abby said and dug through her pocket. She pulled out the tie and a photo, the photo of her and another girl. The other girl had bright red hair pulled back in a short ponytail, wearing a button up tanktop, black army shorts, and sneakers, her eyes were light blue, and she had peach skin. Bethany. They looked happy, and on Abby's head was a baseball cap that matched the tie. "Let's get started." Tyler said and stood up. Abby hugged the photo and put it and the tie back in her pocket. "Let's go." she said
That's my fifth chapter, who is this mystery girl and how does Bethany fit into this?

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