Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 4

Tyler Is One Messed Up Dude!

"So, did you live here?" Abby asked as Tyler shoved some of his clothes into his bag. "No, I lived in the town I told you about." Tyler said without looking at her. Abby could hear the infected outside, they were moaning and banging against things. "How do you get to the town, I mean I din't see any other way than here from the main road." Abby asked, Tyler grunted then stood to look at her. "You cross the river." he said and walked to the window, he motioned for her to follow. She stood be side him as he wrenched the curtain open and motioned to the large gate in the back. Abby could slightly see over it, and she could see the water. "You mean back that way!" she exclaimed, only to have Tyler slap his hand across her mouth. "Not so loud." he hissed at her, "And yes." Abby gulped and looked back to the gate. "Tell me about the town, where you come from, who you really are." Abby said as Tyler shut the curtains. "The town? Pfft, it wasn't much, old buildings, a few stores, and a farm, plus this plantation. For me, well that's a long story." he said and zipped his bag up. "I've got the time." Abby said, and Tyler sat next to her on the bed.
Tyler's Storytelling P.O.V
I was orphaned when I was two, my parents died in a car crash. I lived in New York then, and was sent here to live with my aunt and uncle. Things were good for all of three months before I started school, that's when it got rough. I was bullied, you see everyone decided I was an easy target and set in. My only friends were the teachers, and that only prompted more bullying. I was only three, and I never wanted to go to school. I was forced to go everyday or I would be taken away from my aunt and uncle and they were my only living family left, so I trudged through it. I ignored all the bullies and eventually it all stopped, I even made a few new friends. Then tragedy set in again, I was seven then when my uncle and aunt died in a house fire. I was at school, and they rushed me home when they found out. I cried for five hours and was sent to an orphanage. The next day at school when my friends asked me what happened I broke down, I cried in front of everyone. That's when I realized that I had no friends, because everyone laughed at me and called me a wimp and a crybaby. I sat away from everyone, which prompted them to call me emo for being quiet and dark. I finished elementary school at eleven and I was adopted by a couple in town. They were nice, I thought things were looking up at last. I was wrong, everything was good for the next six years besides the bullying which lightened up to small insults from time to time. Then my adoptive father started drinking, and my adoptive mother turned out to be a prostitute. She started bringing home her 'clients' and scarring me. My adoptive father started getting drunk all the time and abusing me. He would hit me and lock me in the basement. One time he locked me in the dryer, another time the oven. He never turned them on though, and when I came to school with bruises and burn marks people thought I was doing it to myself and prompted them to stretch the emo freak insults. I felt so alone, I strayed away from home whenever I could, even though I would be punished. Then one morning everything went dead, literally. My adoptive father attempted to kill me, but I ran outside and he chased me. I tripped and he held the pistol to where it was pointing between my eyes, but then there was a god awful shriek. I saw my adoptive mother run from the house, he clothes ripped to shreds, her skin an unnatural grey, her eyes glowing yellow, her mouth covered in blood, and was speeding towards my adoptive father. Before he could even turn around, she was on him. She sunk her teeth into his neck, and he dropped the pistol. I darted for it, and she saw me. She abandon her husband and came at me, I aimed the gun in my hand and shot her in the shoulder. She fell to the ground but started to get up, I ran to her and put the gun to her head and shooting again. I dropped it after that, my hands burning. I grabbed it again and shot her husband and ran inside, knowing there must be someone who infected her. And sure enough, chained to her bed was a half naked infect, his hand nearly ripped off from trying to get loose. I shot him and ran to my room, knowing I needed to get away. I turned on the news, this was spreading fast and they showed some of the mutations that already happened. I got to the boats that were heading here, but it was attacked. It was close enough to shore to jump, a few others had the same idea and we swam to shore and made our way to the plantation. Once there we barricaded ourselves in to think of a plan, there were thirteen including myself. They wanted to leave, to find CEDA. I was going to go with them, but I had a bad feeling. I stayed behind, I was in a room that looked over the front yard, and they weren't even five minutes away when they came. I stared in horror as they were overpowered and devoured, I saw one escape. A boy that I talked to, can't remember his name. He ran down the driveway, he had two guns by what I saw. I explored the plantation house, found the weapons, found an ample amount of food, clothes and blankets, and it felt safe enough. The next morning they were everywhere, if I even thought of stepping outside I would die. I've been here, and I've been alone until I heard that Tank howl. I made my way to the window and saw you, Abby. It was closing in, so I darted downstairs and wrenched the front door open grabbed the lasso that laid on the front porch. Don't ask me how I knew it was there, and how I managed to use it. I don't know, instinct came over me. I shot it and called out to you, but you fainted. I quickly got you inside before any of the others could catch whiff of the fresh kill, brought you upstairs and tried to keep you alive. That's my story so far.
Back to Normal P.O.V
Abby stared at Tyler in disbelief, as he stared at his lap. She felt a need to comfort him, he risked everything to save her. She couldn't help it, she hugged him. Once again he tensed at her touch, but returned the hug. "You've been through so much." she whispered as his story sunk further in. "Wait, if you've been in here, how do you know all that stuff about the mutations?" Abby said and pushed him away. "Sometimes, a survivor will try coming this way and is attacked before they even get to the porch." he said.
"How are we going to get to the gate past those things?" Abby asked after a moment. "Glad you asked!" he nearly shouted, he dropped to his knees and rummaged under the bed. Tyler pulled out a box, "I scavenged this from the boat after it crashed." he said and opened it. "It's a good thing the things inside didn't get wet, or they wouldn't work." he said and pulled out a slender wipe tube with a fuse. "What's that?" Abby questioned and looked closer at it. "A pipe-bomb." Tyler grinned.
Okay, we have a winner for my contest! The winner is... Black_Star1199! Who guess Left 4 Dead, which is the right answer of which this fanfic is based.

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