Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 3

Girl Likes Her Melee!

"Mutations?" Abby questioned as they sat down on the bed. "Yeah, you've probably only seen one or two, but these things have developed fast in a month." Tyler said and rummaged under the bed. He pulled out a book and sat by Abby, "Since they don't usually see me, I got a chance to sketch a few of them." He said and flipped to the first page, it was the thing her referred to as a 'Tank' with it's large arms and wide jaw. He flipped to the next page, this one was a different kind of infected. It was small and crouched on all fours, a hoodie pulled over it's face, blood covering parts of it, and in the corner of the page was in small bulky letters 'Hunter' "This one leaps onto it's victims and starts to shred them to bits." Tyler explained and flipped to the next page. This one was uglier, it was fat, it had boils and blisters all over it's body, it was vomiting, and in the corner wrote 'Boomer' "this one vomits and attracts other infected, but it you shoot one it explodes. But don't get to close, you'll be covered in bile and make you an instant target." he explained and flipped the page. This one is tall, has boils all over it's face, a long tongue fell from it's mouth, smoke coming from it, and in the corner 'Smoker' "This one shoots out it's tongue and grabs thing to pull them in, but shooting it causes a smoke screen." Tyler said and closed the book. "That's all I've seen here, but haven't been attacked quite yet." he said. Abby mauled over this a moment, "So you could catalog them and look for signs of them near to keep us safe." Abby thought aloud. Tyler grunted, "Then your going to need more than that sword of yours." he said. Clearly he wasn't keen on leaving, but refused to let her leave alone. "Speaking of my machete, where is it?" Abby asked looking around for it. Tyler stalked over to the closet, opened it, and pulled out a sheath. He tossed it onto the bed, "I took the liberty of sharpening it for you and putting it in a sheath." he said and crossed his arms ruefully. Abby pulled it out and admired how sharp and shiny it looked. "There are more weapons in the cellar if you want a gun." Tyler said, almost questioning. She pushed her blade back into the sheath and put it on her back and followed Tyler out of the room.
The hallways were the same horrific white and blue stripes, only fading to fully white when they exited the room and headed down three flights of stairs to the cellar. It was a dark dank room, lit by a single bulb on a cord. It made it kind of scary and made Abby stay right under Tyler's feet. They made their way to a large cabinet on the far wall. Tyler opened the broken lock and swung the doors open. Revealing many guns and a few melee weapons, "Take your pick." he said and stepped out of the way. Abby looked over her selection, she grabbed two short range pistols and and two handguns. She looked over the melee weapons and picked up a crowbar and a katana blade. "Nice choices, now for carrying them." he mutter and picked up straps and a sheath. He turned her around and put the straps on her, he put the katana in a sheath and put in on her back, he shoved the handguns into her front pockets, and put the pistols into the loops right at her shoulder blades to give her quick access to them. Tyler went back to the cabinet and pulled out two short range shot guns and what looked like a rusty pipe. He also grabbed a second pistol with a silencer, and walked towards the door. Abby once again under his feet. They made their way back to the room.
Okay, hint time. The franchise is a video game!

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