Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 2

Nothing Better Than a Boy With a Pistol and a Bag of Apples

Abby felt a pounding in her head and something cold on her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and was met with two bright blue eyes, she stiffened. The memories of what happened flooded back, the fence, the thing, the boy, and everything going white. "I thought you were dead." A voice snapped her from her thoughts, bringing her back to the blue eyes. They didn't look natural, they were closer to white than blue. This was the boy with the pistol! Abby blinked a few times before lifting a hand to her forehead, and pulled the cold thing from it. It was a wet rag. "What happened?" She muttered as she clutched her still pounding head. "That Tank nearly made a pancake out of you that's what happened." The boy said with a chuckle. "Tank?" Abby questioned. "You know, that behemoth that has the huge arms and small body, I nicknamed those things Tanks since their so big and can plow through anything." he said and walked away from the bed Abby was lying in. Abby took a moment to look around the room, the walls were white with blue stripes, the only furniture was the bad and a vanity in the left far corner, and three doors. One she assumed led to a closet, another she assumed led to a bathroom, and the last she assumed led to a hallway. The boy cleared his throat, getting her attention once again. He himself was strange looking. He had broad, but angular shoulders, he was rather skinny, but not sickly in fact he looked completely healthy and well fed, his hair was a pale blonde color and was rather dirty, but after looking it for a second Abby realized that it was naturally like that and it was cut short and messy, her eyes went to his face, he had a scar that cut across his left cheek, and freckles were littered across the bridge of his nose, and those unnatural blue eyes bared into her as if searching her soul for a use. Over all he seem normal and unaffected by the infecting other than a few other scars on his exposed chest and arms. Abby blushed when she realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. 'Wasn't he wearing one before I passed out' she thought to herself, her face flushed. "What's your name?" he asked her, for the first time she caught the accent in his voice. "Oh, um Abby." she said and rubbed her head and swung her legs over the side of the bed. He walked back over to her a held out his hand so she could shake it, "I'm Tyler." he said and grinned. Something about that grin made Abby shiver like when she first killed an infected and it's blood splattered over pants, it didn't disgust her it just scared her. She took his hand stood up and shook it firmly, but a moment later her knees buckled and she fell forward. Tyler wrapped his arms around her shoulders to steady her, and sat her back down. "Careful, you've been out for two days, I don't think your ready to stand yet." he said and straighten back up. Abby's stomach rumbled angrily, she had been out for two days so that meant she hadn't eaten in that time either. Her stomach gave another angry rumble and Tyler laughed, causing Abby to flush once more. He walked to the door that was open and stepped out, picking something up that was beside the door. He walked back with a bulky burlap sack, and sat it down beside the bed. "Here." Tyler said and pulled a round and red object from the sack, Abby's eyes widened. It was an apple, it had been three weeks since she had last had an apple. She carefully took it from him and looked at it than back to him. 'Should I really trust him, I mean he saved me and all, but I don't know him all that well.' Abby thought. Tyler pulled another apple from the sack and sunk his teeth into it, causing a satisfying crunch to sound from it. She bit into her own, it was juicy and crunchy, really sweet, and her stomach flipped at the taste of something she didn't have to scavenge from nearly bare convenience stores. Tyler chuckled at her, "You look like you just tasted that for the first time in your life." he said and chuckled again. He shivered and bent over to pick something from the floor, a black t-shirt. He pulled it over his torso and stretched.
After finishing the apples Tyler threw the cores out the window and shut and locked it, pulling the curtains closed. They hadn't talked while they ate, so an awkward silence set itself in. Tyler sat at the foot of the bed and stared at Abby, "How long have you been here?" she asked to break the silence. "A month." he said bluntly, and Abby stifled a gasp. If he's been here, does that mean he doesn't know what outs there? "But I go to the town every week to find fresher food." he continued and once again stretched his arms out. "Town?" Abby asked. "Yeah, there's a town half a mile away from here." An idea flickered through Abby's mind. "Have you ever thought about leaving?" she asked him, and he looked at her like she asked him to kill himself. "Why would I leave, I'm safe here." he said, Abby could hear the slight anger in his voice. "But that thing was in the backyard, all you had to do was make the smallest sound and it could've killed you." Abby said, Tyler got to his feet and walked back to the window and peered out the curtains. "Those things come through all the time, they never notice me." he said calmly, Abby tried to get to he feet. She succeeded and walked over to the window and peered over his shoulder to the back yard. She froze solid, the backyard was full of infected. Tyler didn't feel safe here, he was trapped here. If he stepped in the wrong place they would be on him in an instant, why was he lying. Abby thought back to when he shot the...Tank, there was no gun shot. She looked around and her eyes landed on the nightstand, the pistol was there with a silencer. He took a big risk to save her, "Say that I do leave, where would I go?" Tyler asked, not looking away from the window. "With me, I could get you out of here without being noticed." she said and put a hand on his shoulder, he tensed at her touch. "Where would we go?" he asked, still not looking at her. "CEDA, they set up safe-houses everywhere, if we could find one we could keep going until we find them." she said and gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "Do you know about the mutations?" Tyler asked, finally turning to look at her.
Okay that's chapter two, I have a contest. Can anyone guess what zombie based franchise I chose to make this fanfic? The first to guess right gets to create the third character for this story.

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