Don't Say The 'Z' Word!

The whole world has gone to s***, how can it possibly get worse? Oh look, their mutating, goody!

Chapter 1

Goodbye World, Hello...Hell.

"Can someone please explain why these things keep finding me?" Abby exclaimed angrily as she shove a dead zombie of her machete. "Talking to yourself again, Abby, one step closer to insanity." she muttered as she decapitated another infected. Her blade got stuck in the chest of another as it fell back, yanking it from her hand. Another closed in on her. She moved into a roundhouse kick, smashing it's head. She wrenched her machete from the dead one and shoved it tip first into another's head, finishing off the small horde that attempted to make her lunch. She grumbled something about them being utterly brain-dead for attacking her.

Abby has been traveling alone since the infection started, with only a machete, a backpack of clothes and first aid, a slingshot, a journal, and her sanity(which was dwindling). She is seventeen, short black ponytail, brown eyes, random scraps of torn clothing, and her machete at her belt.

The infection started roughly a month ago, with special...qualities about what it did. It kill the brain and brought back the will of movement and hunger, but it also improved their activity. Their faster and stronger than they were when they were alive, making them hard to beat alone. After a while they began to mutate, changing their host's form to make them deadlier. Abby has survived with her wits and small structure. Being able to avoid large hordes and being able to find good hiding places. She has been able to find small amounts of food every so often and has been able to make it by with her machete, which she found stuck in a tree two weeks after the infection started.
Abby wiped her blade on her pant leg and once again grumbled something about how this was all strange and confusing. After putting her blade back in her sheath, she continued down the dirt road of who knows where. She lost where she was six weeks ago, and was just trying to find a safe place. She was heading towards a large plantation at the end of the road.
She got to the fence, and jumped it's locked gate. She made her way to the door and tested the knob, locked. She made her way around to the side and jumped the fence into the backyard, freezing solid at the most terrifying sight. A 'special' infected, it's arms to big for it's petite body, it's lower jaw sticking further out than it should naturally, and most of it's clothes ripped to shreds. Abby was half relieved that it wasn't facing her and took a step back, snapping a branch. The thing spun around and spotted her, it charged at her with it's arms raised. She spun on her heels and leaped over the fence as it let out an ungodly howl, as she got further away. It busted down the fence and came running at once again, it hit the ground causing a small quake. Knocking her of her feet, it was upon her. It rose one menacing fist the size of a german sheep dog, and she clenched her eyes shut and waited for her painful death.
A rope lassoed around the things wrist and yanked it back, pulling it away from Abby. Her eyes widened as she saw 'him' tying the arms of the thing together with a rope and pull out a pistol. The thing bucked as he put it the the things forehead and pulled the trigger, the thing laid motionless. "Are you alright?" he called out to Abby. She tried to answer, but everything went white.

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