My Poems

Hey here are my poems ejoy :)

Chapter 2

Hey You

Hey you,
Walking like theres nothin to it,
Carbain blue eyes,
That obsulutly make me lose control,
Dont know how you did it,
But you mended my broken heart,
Just by your smile,
When you talk to me.

You made feel like happiest girl in world,
I loved it when you tried to sing to me,
You made me laugh so hard,
I start to cry,
Thinkin about those days makes me cry,
But now,
I am stronger than ever was,
No more tears,
Wasted on jerks like you..

Thought that was true,
I laugh myself,
To sleep,
Most guys are just like you,
But I wish that wasn't true,
But guys will be guys.
-Danielle Marie

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