Life is worth Living

Chapter 1

Stay Strong and Carry On

I have been hit, hit so badly I've fainted.
I have seen my Mom hit so many others as well, including my Grandpa and Grandma.
I have seen a teenage girl being raped then hit in the stomach when she protested.
I have been forced to drink three bottles of beer, non stop.
Whom I called my little brother died in his sleep when he was only two.
Whom I think of as my Mother and whom I most love, I have watched suffer the lose of her son.
I have been put with a foster family in the past.
I have spent Christmas away from family and friends.
I have no mother no more.
I have faced my Dad telling me I've ruined his life more than once.
I have watched my Dad cry.
I have watched my Half Sister and Dad argue so bad that they told each other they never wanted to see each other again, they haven't nor have I seen my Sister since.
So many people who I most cared about and loved have told me they hate me.
Two girls I thought were my best friends through rocks at me while pretending they were scared and thought it was someone else.
I have never met my other Granpa, he doesn't even know I exist.
I have jumped off a balcony, attempting to end my life.
I have cut my wrist, once right in front of my Dad but never will again cause there is so little time in life so I must use it well and have fun : >

I have told hardly anyone most of these things and the reason I haven't is cause I have learnt to survive, to carry on, believe in myself and have hope.

The reason am telling you all this is not so you feel sorry for me, it's so you understand, no matter what, things will get better and that life is beautiful. Stay strong, pain ends.

I Am now happy, have many great friends and even when I'm sad, I always pick my self back and stay on track cause I know things can only get better :)


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