Prolouge to My Book

So, I'm writing a book that I hope to get published. Its called Morgan Brown, and this girl is possesed by the Tiger Spirit, Kana, and goes on a quest to save her friends. This is the prolouge, i'm /NOT/ posting anything else, so dont beg.

Chapter 1


In the beginning, there were only four animals. The wolf, the lion, the tiger, and the panther. They each made the world. The tiger made the oceans and forests. The panther made the mountains and the beaches. The lion made the savannas and prairies. The wolf made the desert's and the tundras.
They made the dumb, smaller animals, and lived happily in their habitats. But eventually, the lion and tiger grew lonley. The created mates for themselves, and even named them.Kana, the beautiful tigress, and Mallah, the couragous lioness.
The tigers lived happily, and even had two children. The lioness was angry. She could no produce kits, and was jealous. One day, she had had enough. In a rage, she attacked the tigers. She suceeded in killing one child, and stealing the other. The lioness was gone. Her mate had shunned her, and so had his brothers. Kana vowed revenge, and she, too, disappeared from history, and lion and tiger were lonley once again.


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