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Kathleen is an only child who's mother was best friends with Jake's mother that is untill they died. Kats dad moved her and himself to NH but decided to bring her back home to La Plush.
Kathleen has green eyes and brown curly hair.

Chapter 2

Whats happening to me

"What do you mean what" I said to Jake who was in my doorway.
"You were screaming my name" he said in a deep voice that sounded so se-xy. Waii di-d he just say I was screaming his name. My dream from last night came flooding jnto my memory. My eyes wided. And I told jake my dream. He came over and comforted me with a hug. We went downstairs and into the kitchen for breakfeast. I made pancakes and sausages. Jake ate 5 pancakes and sausages. I had 3 of each. After that I heped Jake fix up a car. I got out from working under the car and was sweating like crazy. Jake notice and felt my head his eyes widened. He helped me inside and laid me down and left to get our dads I got up and put on and shorts a tank. Billy came in with Jake and sam. They took my temp and I was 108. What the heck I should be pasd out. Dad comes rushing in and talks to Billy. They wet a towel and put it on my forhead and they all go into the living room. I can feel my body heating cooling and growing stronger. I pass out and let the dRkness consume me.

-jakes pov-
Once Kat and I finish her delicous pancakez we go outside to the garage to fix the car. She works on the underneath while I work on the engine. She comes out drenched in sweat. I admiditly feel her forhead its burning with fever. What if this is cause she's a werewolf. My eyes widen at the possibility. I rush her inside and lay her in her room. I get my dad and call sam. When we het into the room dad reads her temp of 108 wow she mut be a werewolf. Her dad comes in and we tell him. His eyes widdened but then relaxed as if he was expecting this. I looked over to Kat and noticed her emerald eyes disappear. I felt gravity losen its grip on me and my body now is held by her. I can see darkness try to seep over me like it did to Kat but it failed on me.
Tree days have passed but I stand in her doorway keeping and eye on her.
"You were out this long to" dad says behind me and then wheels away. I go up to her and kiss her on the forehead. When I pull back I see her smile and emerald eyes. She laughs. "So to get you to kiss me I have to pass out for a couple hours. " now its my turn to lAught. ''No you were out for three days.'' I say to her . She mkes an o shape with her mouth. ''Jake why was temp 108." She says worried.
"Caus ur a werewolf. I can prove it." I walk outside and she folowed me. " do what I do.'' I start to phase I feel my body shake and hear my clothes ripi watch Kat do the same. She turns into a beautiful auborn wolf with grsen eyes and a white diamond on her nose.
~ she's beautiful~
~what was that who called me beautiful~
~ jake did love we can hear eachothers thoughts since we are pack~
~ oh that comes in handy so jake what happened to my clothes~

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