Jacob Black My Imprint

Kathleen is an only child who's mother was best friends with Jake's mother that is untill they died. Kats dad moved her and himself to NH but decided to bring her back home to La Plush.
Kathleen has green eyes and brown curly hair.

Chapter 1

We meet again

" Katie hurry up. The plane leaves in 1 hour." Dad yells from downstairs. I want to go and see Jake but I don't want to be reminded of mom. I take a deep breath and go downstairs and to the car. We get to the plane on time. The plane takes off and I can feel my stomach drop to the ground, I can tell this will be a long ride.
We get to La plush around 1. We are staying at Billys untill dad can get a home
Billy kindly invites us to a barbaque and bonfire hosted by them. Jacob and his friends Embry and Quil walk in and see me and my. Dad
'Kat!" They all yell runing up to me to give me a welcoming hug. I hug them back nd get a wave of warmness as I brush up against there bare torso which show a se-xy pair of abbs and muscles. Jake notices me staring at them
' Like wat ya see? He asks I do but dont want to admit it so I answer
'No I just didn't except the scrawny boys I know from childhood to now have abbs and muscles like you ." Which actual is half the truth. We head out to the empty but welcomeing beach. There's a huge fire with big logs for sitting on I sit in between jake and quil. We all eat while Billy tells us story of our ancestors, the Quilettes. I'm only half Quillete but still have Quillete blood so I'm required to come to these meetings. Although its just story the story of the cold ones haunt me, Billy just has to menfion it. When he does it send shivers down my spine, Jake notices and pulls me closer to him, warming me up. I know we are just friends but with what he just did I wanted for a second to me more.
After the bonfire Jake walks with to his house. For some reason something is differen about jake he almost seems attracked to me he couldn't keep his eye off of me since he saw me before the bonfire. Jake and I have only ever been friends I do admit to wnting to be more but id hate to lose a good friend . I thought of this on the way home. Jake also seems a bit protecive at every snap of twig or ruslte of leavees he'd snap his head in that direction. I think the stories are getting to his head. Anyways I get to my room and put my pjs on and climb into bed.

I was running threw the woods when I came to a clearing . Jake was on the other side with a women. She was beautiful. She had long flowing blonde hair and crimsion red eyes which I probaby shouldn't have been able to identify judging from our distance. It looked like...like they were making out
''Jake!" I screamed at him feeling the pain from seein another in his hands he turns his head to me reveiling bloodshot red eyes from crying he mouths "I'm sorry" and with that he turns his head and collaspse. The women has red blood on her lips and I notice the bite marks on Jakes necks I bolt across the feild and reach her pawing at her with my hands.... wait no with my paws? What?
I jump awake jakes standing in my door way. What he says

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