To Equestria!

Bobbikinz is a red haired boy that is real clueless. He is short for his age.
Jessica is a brunett girl. She is an average tallness.
Agi (Full name, Agilice but he hates it) is a tall boy with sandy brown hair.
Bella is the 2nd shortest, has dark brown hair and always wears a headband.

Chapter 1

Jessica's Escape

by: bkrulesss
Jessica fluttered her eyes open, full of happiness and bucket loads of excitement. It was today! She rocketed out of her singular bed, which had pink and blue stripes and swiftly pulled on some casual clothing - A red shirt with a sparkly black cat imprinted on the front of it, black tracksuit pants and some snow white sneakers. She glanced outside at the dark sky, glittering with more stars then grains of sand on the beach and the ginormous moon - It was only 3:00am in the morning. Jessica felt a small pinch of saddness stabbing at her heart - She wanted to leave, but she'd miss her friends and family... Jessica looked at the parchment she left behind for her friends and family to discover, but she continued on straight ahead.

The girl pried the door open the oak door that lead into her bedroom and crept down the polished corridor lying after the bedroom. Jessica slid open the sliding door that lead into the loungeroom. Her sneakers didn't make a sound as she strolled through it. The carpet was a sea blue, the walls a sun yellow while the couches were a beige colour, the coffee table was brown and the moonlight shining through the rusty blinds reflected off the tv, shining a range of moonlight around the room. Jess pried open the frontdoor and jumped out, locking it behind her.


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