The Secretes and the Truths (One Direction Love Story)

This is a group story between me and my friend Ariel :) #teamhareil #teammiall lol so enjoy :)

Chapter 3

Last To Know

"Tour? Uhm, I can't Li-li! I have....things here!" I said, I wanted to go REALLY
bad but going on tour with the boys would be akward with my past with Harry.
I saw Zayn roll his eyes, he new what happened. He stepped up and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "You're going whether you like it or not." He stated and I knew then I couldn't get out of it, I sighed loudly and glared at them and Liam smiled widely.
"YAY!!!" He picked me up and twirled me around and I laughed along with him, who wouldn't? He's the cutest thing in the world! Like a little puppy, he was almost the second cutest thing in the world. "Have you lost weight? You feel like it."
"Awh! You're making me blush!" I said, although I have lost a lot of weight. "Maybe it's just because you've gotten all muscley on me!" I slapped his shoulder lightly and smiled up at him. They all started talking at once but I just ignored it and sat back on the couch while thinking while they talked, I don't know how Jaydin is going to take this news.
"Soo what's the deal with you and my brother?" Mirsa asked sitting down next to me and giving me a slight nudge making me smile.
"Nothing." I stated, he had me waiting to long.
"Nothing," She attempted to mock me, but she made me sound super squeaky, which I find offence! Not really. "Come on you can tell me!" She said, her eyes said that she wouldn't tell but I couldn't tell her.
"You're 15, you wouldn't understand." I said, well nobody would understand unless they went through it.
"15 almost 16." She correct and I smiled.
"Well Missy!" I said and we both laughed, out of everyone in the group of one direction and friends I think Mirsa's the easiest to get along with because her auora is happy, and she's so understanding. "I don't know what there is, was or what there will be." I said truthfully running a hand through my hair.
"I know he likes you!" She said after a few seconds of silience.
"Oh and how so?" I asked looking at her.
"Because he talks about you all the time!" She said, I raised my eyebrow at her wondering what he talks about and if she knows anythings. But before I could say anything Louis burst through the door.
"DID SOMEONE ORDER PIZZA?!" He screamed out making me wince a little. Liam said something but my ears were still ringing I went to walk to the bathroom to get out of eating but Mirsa pulled me back.
"If you're worried about the hate, don't. It gets better, trust me." She said and dragged me into the kitchen with her.
"Hey! Save some for us!" I said smiling at them, Niall commented about not sharing as Harry dragged me out of the room. We walked into my room and stood facing eachother for a while before I sighed loudly and looked at him. "What Harry?" I asked, not in a mean way either.
"How are you? I've missed you, it's been a few years." He said rubbing the back of his neck, yeah you heard him right the boys all new eachother before X Factor okay well Liam and Harry did. "Well actually only a year and a half but still."
"Yeah, I know." I said curtly, holding back the tears. "You also know why." I stated crossing my arms.
"I'm sorry, she would've been goregous though." He said wrapping his arms around me and a few tears escaped my eyes. When I looked up at him he went to kiss me but I turned my head so he kissed my cheek.
He had a look of hurt and confusion on his face. "You left me waiting for too long Harry so I got a boyfriend, his names Jaydin." I said, and he gave me a sad smile.
"I will get you back though, I hope you know that." He gave me a cheeky grin along with a wink and walked out. I was thinking about what Harry meant while we sat back down.
"Are going out." Mirsa said smiling at us and winked at me.
"Working on it." Harry said winking at me and I rolled my eyes.
"I gues nows a good time to make my announcement?" I asked and with that everyone stopped talking to look at me, telling me that I had to tell them now. "Well, uhm despite what you think me and Harry me aren't going out and wont be going out anytime soon, I uhm...uh" I scratched the back of my neck, this is akward.
"SPIT IT OUT WOMAN! I'M DIEING HERE!" Louis screamed out after a few seconds making me jump and scream in a startled fear.
"I'm sorry!" I said as everyone held their palms over their ear drums. "Anyways, I have a boyfriend." I cringed as Mirsa let out a scream.
"YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THIS!!!!! GIRL CODE WOMAN! GIRL CODE!" She kept ranting on and on and on until Niall put a hand over her mouth.
"She's right! What about girl code!" Louis screeched pushing me off the couch and I fell on the floor.
"Jerk!" I muttered sitting on Zayns lap and playing with Liams hair. "Leeyyuumm! Are you gonna help me pack? Or is Zayn?" I asked before they bombarded me with questions about Jaydin that I wouldn't have an answer too.
"Ohh! I am so helping! Me and me only!" Zayn hollered before Liam could say anything. With that he carried me into my room and set me down and we got to packing quickly, and quietly. "So what's his name and why don't you want to talk about him?"
"Jaydin, and how do you know I don't want to talk about him?" I asked putting my underwear in the zip-up area of the suitcase. He was piling in dresses and jeans and shirts, all really cute and I didn't know I had.
"Come on! Don't you think I'd know you better then that? You don't want to talk about him and you made sure do get out of there quickly." He stated and zipped up my suitcase, quickest packing ever!
I sat down and he sat next to me. "It's a really long story, I guess he's just to get my mind off of Harry. It's been 11 months and 21 days, did you know that? The last time any of you guys tried to contact me was when Harry told you a week later. You can understand why I don't really want to tell you guys everything." I stated and wiped my eyes.
"I'm sorry Air, I thought that Liam talked to you." Zayn said rubbing my back, I let out a little laugh.
"Yeah, like I want Liam to find out whats wrong with me! It got to the point where if any of you boys called I would've just broken down and told everything! How do you think Liam would react to-" I stopped in midsentence when I heard someone at the door. I opened it to find a sheepish looking Mirsa and Niall.
I mentally rolled my eyes at those two, they're worse then when Louis and Hannah were together and did tons of pranks. "Soo, are you gonna finish?" Mirsa asked cheekily, making me think of her brother.

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