The Secretes and the Truths (One Direction Love Story)

This is a group story between me and my friend Ariel :) #teamhareil #teammiall lol so enjoy :)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I ran as fast as I could running away from him. I guess I wasn't fast enough cause his arms wrapped around my waist, I started to laugh. He leaned forward and whispered, "caught ya." Then he dropped me.
"Ow hey what was that fo-" I looked up to see Liam with a girl.
Niall, the one who's been chasing me helped me up. Liam started to get closer and I got a better look at the girl he was walking with.
"Who's that girl Liam's with?"
"That's Ariel." Then Niall left, ran right up to her and picked her up spinning her around.
I slowly walked up to them, frighten and shy when I meet new people, Niall noticed.
"Come on Mirsa she won't bite." Niall laughed.
"I promise." Ariel said holding one hand up.
I smiled and walked straight up to them.
"Hi I'm Ariel Liam's cousin, and you must be Mirsa? Harry's sister?"
"Ya how'd you know?" I asked with my head tilted questioning.
"Harry always talks about you."
Funny he's never mention her before.
Before you knew it we were best of friends, getting into trouble. But before I knew it she had to leave and go back home.
"Promise you won't forget me?" I said sadden that she had to leave so early.
"Promise! Before you know it I'll be back for the summer." She said smiling. She gave me one last hug and said goodbye to the rest of the boys.
That was last Christmas and she hasn't come back to visit since, but now we finally came back to visit her. Ariel and I are sitting in her living room watching tv, while the boys went to go fetch us pizza.
"So what's the deal between you and my brother?" I asked elbowing her and raising my eyebrows.
"Nothing." She said blushing.
"Nothing." I mocked her tone, "come on you can tell me."
"Your 15 you wouldn't understand."
"15 almost 16." I corrected.
"Well missy." We both started to laugh.
"I don't know what there is or what there will be."
"I know he likes you!"
"Oh and how?"
"Because he talks about you all the time."
The door swung open and loud mouth Louis came through the door with pizza.
"DID SOMEONE ORDER PIZZA?" Louis said holding the pizza in the hair and doing some sort of superman pose.
"Come on Louis you gotta make a huge entrance like that everywhere we go?" Liam said shaking his head.
Niall walked through the door laughing they all headed to the kitchen, Ariel was about to follow until I pulled her back into the room.
"If your afraid of the hate it gets better." I said smiling.
We went into the kitchen, too see the boys have eaten half the pizza.
"Hey save some for us!" Ariel said.
"I don't share!" Niall yelled. I raised my eyebrows at him. "Only share with my princess." He kissed me, and we all laughed.
When we where done eating we decided to play just dance. Half way through we notice Harry and Ariel where missing.
They came back into the room and we where all staring and smiling at them.
"What?" Harry asked.
"Oh you know." Louis said and grabbing Niall, they started to fake make out.
Ariel blushed and Harry laughed.
"We were only talking." Harry tried to explain.
" 'talking' " I said making quotes with my hands.
"Yes talking."
We all started to laugh, except Harry and Ariel.
"Come on we know my baby cousin."
"And my older brother."
"Are going out" Liam and I said together.
"Working on it." Harry said winking at Ariel .

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