For someone specific. ♥

Chapter 1

I hate chapter titles. I honestly do.

by: Northe
I want to write you something so wonderful
Something to match the words you wrote, it was so beautiful
It made me stop, it made me think
It made me realize I wasn't a missing link
You cared about me, I wasn't alone
No, you were there, a sister to call my own
But every time I try to write a simple lullaby for you
The words escape me, no rhythm holds true
Maybe it's because no words can describe what you did for me
You opened my eyes, you made me see
Everything you said
In response to my thoughts that were misled
Everything you did
Was everything I needed right then
I want to write you an amazing poem, an amazing piece of rhyme
That means as much to you, as your words mean to me, and as beautiful as the night sky
And maybe, someday, I will
I'll find the words for the space that has a hole to fill
But, for now, I want to say I love your beautiful, wonderful, amazing self
And because of you, my sister, I've gotten up from where I fell.


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