The Room

I don't know my name and I cannot remember anything that happened before my presence in the room.

Chapter 4

I was out!

It was a lie! I arrived at another room. I wasn't going to be out of this strange world after all. This room in particular did not have a machine or three evil faces. This room was simply a box. I was trapped in a concrete box of grey walls and white sky. I appeared leaning on the wall, facing the cold, silent grey. I shout; silence is the only presence other than myself. I enrage in agony and terror, starting to hit the walls furiously and kicking it. I struggle to produce an opening. I pummel and pummel the wall but I cannot break it apart. Then in an instant I hear Razihel's voice in my mind. She speaks and says I must look for a loose floorboard in the room if I want to get out of there alive. I wipe the sweat and blood of my forehead and hands. With extreme caution and skill I scan across the room looking down at the wooden floor. I spot an unusual floorboard. I then proceed to examine it. I kneel down and pound my fist against it. It becomes loose! I carefully remove it, and darkness shrouds under. I peep inside but I see nothing- I summon my wits and all might. I leap into the blackness.

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