The Room

I don't know my name and I cannot remember anything that happened before my presence in the room.

Chapter 3

A pond is a portal to another room (world)

The gleaming waters of the pond shined among the trees. The sun had set and the sky was dim. I ran and vaulted across the woods on my way to the pond. I reach the pond. There was a cold chill from the water. Razihel told me I must go in the pond and dive deep into it until I found a shining light at the bottom, which is a portal. I dipped my bare feet into the cold waters. Then I submerge myself in the pond. I frantically swim to the bottom, I see a shimmering at the bottom. I try touching the portal, as I placed my hand in it, immediately I was warped into a tunnel of light. Blinded by the brightness, I wait for the end.

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