The Room

I don't know my name and I cannot remember anything that happened before my presence in the room.

Chapter 2


The faces frantically swung across each other I felt a rather strange force pulling me from behind. A blast of wind had launched me further back. I struggled to push myself forward, but I couldn't. The faces now looked like a mixed hue of colours. The force pulled me even stronger. I shouted as panic overwhelmed me. The massive metals doors were closing upon me. It was mayhem inside, the smoke was coming out of the underside of the doors. With an acute ''BANG'' the doors shut tight. I could feel myself drowning in sleep; my eyes closed and I saw no more. I now found myself surrounded by nature, a forest perhaps? My limbs were numb except my head that I could tilt around. I tried moving my arms but I did not feel them at all. I tried with my legs, dead as well. From the corner of my left eye I saw an orb of light approaching from the shrubs. It was glowing with an intense, fiery purple light. Without hesitation, the orb spoke. A female voice sounded in my ears. She said her name was Razihel and that she was the angel and guardian of the foul and nature God had appointed. I asked her what had happened to me. She did not know. She told me she had healing powers not only for animals and plants but for all mortals. I told her I couldn't move my limbs except for my head. I felt her light nourish my soul. A pain, very unpleasant had overtaken my body. I screamed in absolute agony. A burning sensation had started in my arms and legs. After all that, my pain was absolved and I felt blissful. I tried once more moving my legs, they did. I was cured! I thanked her and told her I was in a strange room with evil faces and a bizarre machine, before I woke up in the forest. She replied by saying I should look around the forest for a pond. ''How am I supposed to find a pond in the middle of the woods?'', I asked. ''You will find it, you always do.'', said she. And so I went off to find it. Little did I know, it wasn't going to be that easy.

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