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There will be one then one chapter

Chapter 1


by: Lesy
-------------------- Pearl Harbor-------------------------
_________With Japan___________
Japan sat in his room with his head in his hands as he thought about what he was just about to do to America. He knew this was going to hurt her and even make her hate him forever. He stands up and walks outside where people were getting ready to bomb Pearl Harbor.
____________With America___________
America smiles as she stands up and looks outside, today she was visiting Pearl Harbor. "SISY." Hawaii walks into the America's room and jumps on her "I'm so glad you are visiting me today!" Hawaii was such a cute little girl. Sure Hawaii wasn't her sister yet but she was going be. America hugs her back "You are so cute! ~" Hawaii giggles before running out of the room singing. America stood but then heard a huge booming sound outside, America's hip starts burning but she didn't care for it because she heard Hawaii scream. America runs to see Hawaii on the ground in pain, she picks Hawaii up as they both feel pain shoot though them America set Hawaii on the bed as she said "Hawaii stay here, you're under attack. Ahh!" They both gave a cry of pain but Hawaii was in more pain and America knew it. America runs out of the house as she felt her right hip and leg burn bad.
America's eyes widen when she saw Japan's flag on planes that where dropping bombs and killing people. "No….NOO! NOOO! " She Looks up and sees Japan in one of the planes, their eyes lock with each other and America's eyes is filled with hate and pain as tears fell from her eyes. "EVERYONE GET THE CHILDEN SOMEWHERE SAFE!" They people around looks at America and nods as they go to get people somewhere safe. "GET TO THE PLANES! WE MUST FIGHT BACK!" She knows she has to act fast. This was the first time this has ever happen to her. She drops to the ground since she has never felt this much pain before, her whole leg is burning and her heart felt like it is being punched. People ran to America when they saw her fall to the ground but she waves them off as she stands up and goes after where she saw Japan's plane had gone.
She saw his plane, it was on the ground and he was leaning on it with a hand over his eyes. "KIKU!!!!" She feels anger raise in her, she wasn't in this stupid war! SO WHY! Japan looks at America and freezes as he sees her eyes hold so much pain and anger. He remembers that she has never been attacked like this before; he can tell she is in alots of pain. He turns away from her and goes back into his plan; her eyes widen "NO! DON'T LEAVE!"She ran but she was to slow as he was in the air before she could get to him. She thought she saw tears in his eyes as he got into the plane.
She then felted her leg give out and she fell to the ground and screamed in pain as the pain got worse and worse.
-------------------- Nagasaki--------------------

__________With America________
her hands are shaking as she looks at the bomb, she is in a plane on their way to Japan. "This is over kill….We shouldn't." The people around her just roll their eye as they think what they are doing is good. "Hawaii was hurt bad, she was. But we are going to KILL Hiroshima and Nagasaki and hurt Japan way more then he hurt me. Well, we already did kill Hiroshima three days ago. I wonder how much that must have hurt Japan. He most likely thinks that was it……He is going to be more surprised at this one and this will hurt even worse…" Tears rolls down her face as they fly over Nagasaki they throw white papers down warning the people to get out of there. The guy next to America says "They didn't give us a warning…Why should we give them one. I mean-"He shut up once he saw the glare America was giving him. America puts a hand on her hip; her hip has a big scar from the bombing.

_________With Japan___________

Japan sits down, careful of his left arm that is wrapped in bandages. He sighs as he eats, America gone and killed Hiroshima, he was still crying over her. It was very sad, but after he bombed America he was waiting for her to do something back and now that she has. At least he can have some peace to know that America attacked and now it's over. "Japan-Sama!" Someone runs into his room and they guy's face is pale. "Nagasaki got the papers like Hiroshima did… They are going to kill Nagasaki very soon; you should lay down Japan-Sama before it they hit." Japan felt a lump in his throat and stood up only to fall to the ground in pain, the worse pain he has ever felt. His whole back was burning and starting to bleed, bubbles formed and popped. Japan groans in pain as people rush into the room and gasp at what they saw. Japan's tears fell to the floor as he knew one of his cities was dead, again.

______With America______

When she got back home, some people were cheering some people were just not saying anything, some were smiling happy and some were glaring at America thinking what she did was over kill. America knew what she did was not good and she didn't like it at all. She walks into her house and cries as soon as the door is closed. She slides down the wall and puts her head into her hands. Tony heard her and came running towards her.

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